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How to Take Powerful Pictures-3

When I moved to my first six years ago, I knew little about the picture. For years, I spent several hours watching, learning new techniques and studying the art of painting.

One of my favorite techniques is the night photography and taking pictures of the pictures. Although it seems hard to first, when you know locations, it's easy!

Here's my example of how to take a horrible picture!

pictures of pictures

Find your mobile locations

Direct locations do not cut fractions. You will need to shoot them in a few seconds. So, if you ever had a book tooganin, uji medical circles about the cameras to see where you could improve the ISO, and the speed of the window wall.

All the cameras are different, so YouTube is most of what you consider to get tips on your particular camera format. We will give you a scrambling space for another step, so look for your improvements, and then keep up!

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Use Tripod

When you push for a long time, you need a tripod to set up your picture. If you have a camera, your pictures will appear on a sewer.

If you do not have a bike, you can leave your car on a rock, wall, or table. As long as it's a stable surface, you will not have any problems with photos that are good for you!

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Make Sure It is a volume

To get the best results for your fractions, you need to make sure it is clear. Avoid cars, lights or street lights. The longer picture will capture and block any light source, and your wood does not appear as active.

While you can hit the sun or before it is too late, it is very hard to catch. Try to practice outside outdoor space; Then you can try different types of light!

Visual Display Painting Hours

If you want to draw a picture you pick up or write in the woods, you will need to improve your settings to allow the longer enough speed to catch the full movement.

When you're stuck, you also want to improve your ISO and your imagination. No, no correct settling because it will depend on the atmosphere you are in and if it is completely black and other light sources within it.

Usually we can start these sites and comply with the following:

ISO: Start with ISO 400. You do not need to worry about more ISO because we are using our speed so we go to the nicely and secure way.

Mediation: Starting with F / 4. They should give you the correct amount of depth in the garden and you and the fractions with the focus. At the bottom of your f-stop, ie. F / 2.8, & # 39; jajaban & # 39; and your lines will appear. Highlight take your f-stop, ie. F / 8, a mild light is meant. It's a personal choice, and you can play to see what you like!

Equipment Speed: Start with a 5-minute span. That means, when you scroll your wall, it is open for 5 seconds. So you want to learn, you have 5 seconds to do it! Use a pesticide increase or decrease your wallet to get the right light.

Useful tips:

    • Make sure you sit for 2 hrs, so the cameras are good and quiet before it starts scratching. In this way, you can also give back the topic!
    • Your time will start when you push the cord and give it 2 seconds before it starts scratching. Make time, click the split part to focus on the fraction, and then complete the pressure to start an hour and start automatically to shoot at the end of the hour.
    • Also, you must open your speed for the length of time it takes to draw or type it! If you complete the writing and do your fraud still while the open is open, you are likely to get a "big ball" o "fire." Limit your leak if this is the case.

Do not worry if you do not get it for the first time! It takes a lot of experiments and fractions to get a good immunization.

Picture with a picture

Tips for writing Sparkler pictures

If you want to collect the words or date of your timber, you must write it to the right-hand side. This is because the camera is facing you and taking the left hand to the left.

It's too little for the first time. Add a few minutes to get your skills ready! You may need several people to help you write for a long time.

Also, the secret code works best!

Pictures of Still Picture Effects

If you want to draw a picture or a video picture of the product, you will still need to change your shooting hand, but you do not need a long reach.

ISO: Start with ISO 400.

Mediation: Start F / 4. You can change this a little bit or small depending on the depth you want. If you want this number to focus on your subject, you should go to F / 2.8. If you find that your theme is too complex than you would like, increase f-stops.

Equipment Speed: A 1-2 second electric speed is to make a trick! You will need to ask your subject to stay, and I find the most beautiful vaccines when the subject is almost as close to the subject of the topic (but not too close to burn)!

Make sure you use a tripod and an hour for a while! Squeeze half the pieces to force the fans before they are thrown!

Take photographs with your phone

You do not need DSLR to take pictures. There are programs like Cascading Functionality that can help your hand to take the picture.

The new Android phones also include & # 39; hand & # 39; but & # 39; pro & # 39; This will allow you to control the speed and ISO speed of the regular DSL.

You can even get more details about the new GoPro models!

If you are using an iPhone with Iphone 11, use Live View to capture pictures of your photos. When you take a Live Photo, lift it to show the effect of the menu and select & # 39; Long Exposure & # 39;

Your phone will create a new image based on the three-dimensional images of Live.

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Edit your photos on your walls

When you have had your vaccinations, attach to your Lightroom photos or your benefit program for your choice. You can quickly improve your images by improving your light, strategy, and lighting. When playing with those places, it will help you make your pictures.

See our Lightroom program to get a beautiful explanation of all your pictures!


Though it appears to be frustrating for the first time, many pictures are simpler. All you need is a little bit of action and tolerance, and you will take beautiful pictures never!

Do you have any tips on taking more pictures? Please let me know the comments below!