The second sentence of the allegedly decedent cases, which means that Obama is not generally in the case against the defendants who have settled down under Mr. Obama. Trump.

Another way, Urquer Velikonja, professor of Georgetown University at the University of Law Center, issued many years of S.E.C. penalties, recorded, as close as possible, in S.E.C. in the estimation process. This scheme is based on the cases that are solved, not when it is filed, as well as money paid to public agencies other than S.E.C., including overseas.

The S.E.C. He declined to say, "The Times", saying it would be better to compare the first 20 months of the Trump in the first 20 months of Obama or Obama's second term. The comparison will show many cases that were reported during the Trump season, according to the statement.

Limited time focuses on penalties, but not a collective case. However, they did not look at the first few days of the Obama administration because of the crisis in the crisis after the financial crisis, while the last few months in the hands of Mrs. Trump inherited.

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The Times asked the Information Law at the University of Virginia School of Law and Duke Law School, and holds the record of the hearing industry, to analyze all cases such as the charges 20 months before the Trump same compared to those who were filed for the first 20 months and the last 20 months in Barack Obama. The review reflects the budget given in federal court, whether a fine, compensation or damages. The budget is not budgeted for civil and / or state-owned systems.

The Times also analyzed the actions of the civilian counterfeit action plan on financial resources, based on a list of such cases in the legal case of Buckley Sandler from public information. The Department of Justice has two basic mechanisms to look for such cases, which need to be heavier than evidence in the case of criminal cases: Lacking Law and Financial Crimes, Reform and Implementation of the Law.

Commodity Trading Commission Commission analysis is based on data provided by the commission.

Public citizens, independent unions, published the July report on the implementation of the Hunting & Other Crisis Reports. The report was based on data from the Company Research Project, a non-profit organization that records the implementation of the federal government action.