How to – Literally – Sounds Confident and Technique

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Believe me?

O.K., I'm sorry, that was a cheap trick. But a new study suggests that when we try to seem convincing, the volume of our words – when voted, of course – can have a profound effect.

Does that mean you have to cry when trying to look convincing? No, of course not. But according to a paper published in the journal Personal and Social Psychology, you can come to terms with making your speech a little more than usual, and varying in general. volume your voice (i.e., by both loud and soft voice).

The effect is not the same as it gives you extraordinary levels of persuasive power. But it will lead you to appear more confident when you speak, that it will have a positive effect on your overall satisfaction, as noted in the study.

Whenever we interact with someone, we try to find out how much they know what they are talking about, how knowledgeable they are, how confident they are, said Jonah Berger, professor of marketing at Wharton and co-author of the study. "We found that these specific guidelines" – those related to volume of speech – "make speakers seem more confident, which makes them more general."

Humans have something on the radar that they come up with, and what psychologists call it. reaction, Says Mr. Berger. When someone tries to persuade us, sometimes we push back because we don't want to be convinced. We can identify the words used, the context and other indications that someone is trying to influence us. "An impending request is coming in, someone is trying to persuade us. We have prepared our radar to destroy the project," he said. Berger. We run the ad, we connect with the seller, we challenge what someone says. ”

However, we tend to look at speakers who have the most varied voices, which means increasing their volumeyes, as mentioned in the study.

In other words: If you are trying to convince the person to the local dishes are to do, try to speak a little bit.

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The most important issue here is the effect – both conscious and unconscious – in comparison, or as we say things, it has our perspective on others. It's not something that many people don't know about, Mr. Berger says.

In the conversation, we spend a lot of time thinking about what to say, and spending time thinking about what our partner is saying, said Mr. Berger. We allocate very little attention as we said what we say. ”But as we say things can be important: If the listener perceives changes in the environment, and if he or she deliberately changes his or her voice, the impact on the listener can occur regardless.

Mr. Berger also said that not only are the modifications of the voice important; Physical presence – as opposed to, say, write or email – can also have a big impact.

“There is work for that showPeople tend to be more human when we hear their voices, says Mr. Berger. We give them more thought, we think they are real people when they use their voice. Our study also suggests that it can make people more persuasive. ”

That's good news for anyone who has spent hours worrying more than an email word to get it it is correct, especially when something important is stuck in the balance. In fact, all that time spent on depression was actually making things worse.

"At some point, we have to remind ourselves, any change we make to seed is no longer better but only different (and sometimes worse)," Dr. Alex Lickerman wrote Psychology Today the topic of practice. Targeting the target – as it continues to work and our work is reaching the repeal of the law – is one of the most difficult skills to learn, but also the most important. ”

Just ask Mr. Berger.

He said: "Sometimes we think that emailing the right email is the best way to persuade people," he said. "But what we find in our work is that the voice can be very effective."

This week I invited writer Lindsay Mannering to teach us her amazing and easy Arugula Hack to go green.

There are different ways to live a long and happy life – use it CBD, think of it, for your nation's milk – but if you believe deep in eating more vegetables is the key to a healthy lifestyle, this hot Arugula is for you.

In about two minutes you can prepare, cook and eat the valuable day of green tea. Use spinach if you don't think about the yuck, or arugula baby, which I find to be excessive.

Once! You saw it memes, now it's my bone-in-cheek, let's eat-these-green-and-move-our-day-to-day cook:

  • Add a quarter cup of water to each pot or pan. The only important thing is that your pot or pan has a lid.

  • Grab a great, stuffed Throw the baby's weight (or spinach) into the pan. Sprinkle lightly over the water.

  • Set the flame on top and cover with green.

  • Naked for a moment and then see how things are going. It should be small, dense, nutritious and green. If not, cover slightly.

  • About 90 seconds later it's definitely tubes.

  • Put a little salt or hot pan on eating bread pan.

Arugula hot is best eaten early in the morning when you do not hunger and some cool (but good for you) is eating snacks. Bonus points if you have the ability to think about how much you can fuel. Two bonus points if your photo becomes virus.