How to Make Artistic Thought Concept

At the end of the mediation exercise, the end of the concert will not end there, but there is no visual performances associated with "Everything is Closed: Art and Theater," a concert in Met Breuer.

She sticks together Through the American conspiracy, through the painting and installation of confusion and satanic attitudes, they feel that it is more appropriate than there are strong ideas today led by leaders of children's sex leaders in the pizza restaurants. Arts & # 39; the test, and marginalized, wildlife suspicion seems to be the first of the violent acts – the killings of Parkland, Fla., the release of the former president's grenades – is "fake flag" even in the newspaper channel. They consider the disagreements of conspiracy to make sense especially this week, after the terrorists convinced George Soros that he was the leader of a Muslim Muslim in the Pittsburgh poison that killed 11 senior citizens.

It suggests that this plot is the nature of American social life – and, consequently, the natural theme of US-based artists – we have all been celebrating the half-day realistic scenes and spectacular views It's the first time Twitter. If this feature needs another subtitle, Richard Hofstadter can offer one: Paranoid class of American art.

The proposal is "everything is in harmony" – not well Doug Eklund and Ian Alteveer, assisted by Meredith Brown and Beth Saunders – the singers have a special American conspiratorial mode. They understand their flights unofficially; they see that they have a relationship with humanity's chaos.

Of the 30 artists, most of the common sight is the reputation of the reputation; part of a shared action is doubtful and hopeless. Popular feelings make this strong and effective, but also show depressive, not least to minimize the activity of far-sighted vision of paranoia.

In the first half It shows the artwork that works in public records disclose it large plots and smaller networks. Sometimes this takes the form of confidential stuff – such as Hans Haacke's famous 1971 New York property dealing company, and Alfredo Jaar 's 1984 photographs with Henry Kissinger's birds , by the red circle of conspiracy. Some writing and presenting products serve the arts: Jenny Holzer & # 39; saturating LED & # 39; shows the US mission in Iraq, while Trevor Paglen has taken the telescopic pictures of "black areas" in Afghanistan.

Two photographs from the 90th stage Mark Lombardi, Expert technology in the United States, the top economic interdependence, connectivity and hundreds of sponsors, drug smugglers, criminals and politicians have a short video and a network of economic and political contributions to the arts for many years research. (For the last time this was the last view of this building, the American Museum of Vatican Festivals, FBI came to call.) Gordian Gordian's plot is a fact, although Lombardi does not always describe the exact nature of their relationship. Regarding his true diagram of corruption and enthusiasm he feels looking at things unrealistic, very difficult to understand, anxious but more impressive.

The second part of the exhibition is far from the artistic practice and takes a new and experienced way, the Kelley-esque style, which conspiracy – The realistic way of collaborating – they become unlikely to separate them conspiracy theory: The stories that define or minimize the story that people outside know or create.

Rachel Harrison installation already good "Abada Place" (1997), artistic images from the Dallas isdabajoogay wood cover for dry skin is broken, and no restriction has not been resolved. Jim Shaw offered unfamiliar images about Kennedy's "Photos of UFO: Zapruder Film" (1978-82). Kennedy's murder is growing in this video, featuring two visual effects, drawing pictures of Wayne Gonzalez, one of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby's tactics.

These artists do not conform to the conspiracy theory (at least, I hope!), But using them to draw a US image: Anxiety, loss and coercion. In 1998, he was photographed by John Miller, one of the many who made the TV show, It shows Pat Sajak, a member of Vanna White, of the Wheel of Fortune, where ZOG is the answer: a "Zionist Occupied Government", used by factors in Washington. And sometimes artists here near cases & # 39; towards the comfort. Sue Williams recently dressed in her work, the colorful colors of the destruction of the World Trade Center; I joined one of the nanothermites, which is often referred to as a terrorist who is doubtful that the flights have fallen around the twin.

"Everything is tied up" is a demonstration that has limited restrictions, most of the American art from Nixon to Obama, with little artists under the age of 40. Stopping the clock before 2016 was logical. However, start At the end of the 1960s, it felt like another small breed of Breuer's case – where she promised to explore the topics of time and geography, but never before.

And, in this restricted structure, there is anxiety about a "realistic conspiracy" that was examined in the first half in different areas of "consciousness" conspiracy the second half. Walking on a long and deep suspicion, and in the last minute you feel lost in your ribs, perhaps even losing your mind.

Real ideas and emotional ideas are integrated with Mike Kelley approved, and everything really looks like. It's a beautiful piece of music. But where do you go from Mr.? Haacke's mckraking estate, but Ms. Holzer war displays? How can the fact that not be counted among stories, to be fake false false?

Being the United States of 2018 should be forged daily diet. We are dealing with cheat-picking vendors, bruises, and the biggest and most deadly traumatic experience: climate change is eclectic, the term president of the United States, "was created for China to make US looga not work without." (In October, Mr. Trump was opposed to preach the climate change, but added that the scientists "have a great political agenda.")

"Everything is locked up" they suggest that the situation is inevitable, which can be true. Ideas are appropriate in non korodhaan no laughter, as many looga prevent or repair the changes are not accepted. Such changes come only quickly and firmly, always appears deeper stages stages of modern media, we need artists to help us understand visual images of the following applies.

Any serious threat to today's conspiracy theory should be equal to the actual fact, which you can now tell clearly and with the least result. Mr. Trump has responded to the death of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in secret with the Oval Office that the arms embargo on the kingdom was of great value. Or consider the first Anniversary of the Holy Scriptures, a large documentary document showing the financial clients of the islands by C.E.O., the Council and the secretaries of the Council. The letters have revealed Marc Lombardi's relationship with many years of research and photography, yet have issued public discourse.

How will the artists draw tomorrow to these mistakes, since Mr. Haacke and Ms. Holzer did, the musician can not do anything to avoid being uncovered by other facts? "Everything is tied up" may be the expression of the age & # 39; Conspiracy arguments, but the main drawbacks are all hidden in open eyes.

Everything is connected: Craft and Coach

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