How to repeat the activity can help you to get involved

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The local pharmacy branch of the local pharmacy has a noble habit of remittances from my pocket. You think I can easily solve this problem by avoiding the gums, but almost always when I'm in the pharmacy, I am convinced that I need to buy a jewelry, as well as listening papers, too.

Some of the things that are happening here are my favorite items in office offices, however, explicit promotions of carers also reflect the general problem: power not to emulate emotions. But according to the study of the 2018 study by Rice University, a free and easy way to protect your purchases is easy to think about your priorities.

Here's how the trick can help you keep a lot of money in the pocket, and booklet books and small leaflets from your home. (See also: 10 Classic Cost We Need to Stop the Campaign)

Think about what you already have

Research at Rice University asked one group of participants to describe something they have purchased, now they have, recently used. For example, a 29-year-old woman wrote:

"I bought Kindle Fire, it's black, I can read the books and get access to the internet, it's open to a world of respect, I read a book book in bed and looked at the weather in the morning before even grow up 45 minutes, and I have downloaded several programs, I lay down, and easy to use Kindle, and allow me to read a lot of noise in order to spell my nephew. "

The expression "recently used" in this exercise seems to be an important tool to help reduce your interest in buying something new. A second group of participants were asked to develop a plan to use what they already had but not used at the time, while a third group – the control group – asked them to do nothing.

To a poorer, first-time participants, who viewed what they had just used, found they had to offer a new 14 percent reduction compared to the control group. The planning team, although they were thinking of the fact that they had no items they used, they found their desire to offer something new increase about 6 per cent compared to the control group. (See also: 8 Ways of Social Media Network for You)

Try to make the most of your purchase

So why the planning team saw their willingness to pay a raise? Reasonably, it seems that thinking about all the things we used to have had enough to push the brakes to purchase drugs. After that, why pay for something new when you have something to collect in the house?

However, harmful purchases are, define, go / emotional. So try to prevent those who are encouraged to make a realistic response to not work. It can be as if trying to fight the ice cubes. While you are trying to talk about yourself in a sensual way by using a symbol, you need to prevent other feelings.

In particular, thanks to the fact that it has been shown to reduce emotional stimulation. According to a 2014 study on Psychology Science, the participants who expressed their sense of gratitude show the low levels of poverty in waiting for the award.

What is possible here is the fact that shopping for sale is often trying to fill a form of emotional sensation. Buying a new pen is not really a certainty about the pen itself, but the intensity of the feeling that I am feeling new to make. My exorcism keeps me from feeling low or tired or frustrated, however, slowly can raise the emotions.

But thanks is a nutritious feeling. It is difficult to feel depressed when thinking about how your whole life is and how happy you are to have what is already.

In this case, it means that Rice University is considering thinking about new products that they already had to pay for. They were given or given, the opportunity to feel thankful for something they had already had, which reduced their interest to new money.

How to do this technique works for you

In the future, you are attracting the sunshine or dry seats (or whatever the purchase seems to be right for your benefit), take time to think about what you already have. In particular, try to remember:

  1. How much did you pay?

  2. When and where you bought it.

  3. It looks like.

  4. When you use it finally.

  5. How you used it.

  6. You have been using it.

It is possible that your purchasing power will be lost by bees when you are thinking of all these things. Not only this idea will give you a little bit of time between the guy and the purchase – which is very effective in paying your good behavior to remind you that you do not need another book – but it also promotes feeling of gratitude have it. (See also: 7 You are trying to prevent the Budget-Busting Problems purchase)

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How to repeat the activity can help you to get involved