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It is located in Riviera France, Nice has everything you need this week. It boasts over the entire year all the sun, beautiful beaches, exciting dates, museums and restaurants.

In addition, it is a city that is more affordable and more affordable than in Cannes and St. Petersburg. Tropez. While there are many things to do in Nice, there are some important things you need to keep in mind if you are visiting a limited time.

Here's my guide for 48 hours in Nice, France!

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First day

Store Antiques and Flea Market

Nice is famous for Antique municipality. It boasts more than 100 bridges and is the third largest French version.

If you are looking for a bargain, go back to the day. It's easy to sell prices to sellers.

The flower shop in Cours is a visit. When opened in 1897, it is full of beautiful kits, beautiful flowers, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Before you go out, try one of the "saint" lunches. It is a reasonable welcome for poultry meat and is good for a glass of wine.

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Find Cimiez neighborhoods

If you are someone who like art, history, and museums, you spend too much time to find Cimiez. It has rich cultures where some of the most famous European artists are attracted by things.

Start from the Chagall Museum. Its color Picasso, and its mirror mirror glass is amazing.

Next, you are going to the Roman Cemenelum which dates back to the first century AD. Turn your way back into the hotel, stop at the 16th Franciscan Monk Monastery.

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Nice Soak in the Jazz Culture

At F. Scott Fitzgerald's home in the 1920s, Nice has a strong jazz culture. After taking a dinner, you are going to Shapko or B Spot.

They are the most famous clubs in the city and a great place to spend the evening with a glass of wine.

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Second Day

Head to Castle Hill

After breakfast, walk to the Old Town to Castle Hill. It is the peak of Nice where you will find the ruins of the Chateau de Nice.

It is one of the best places to get the beautiful beauty of town!

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Skip to the Castel Plage Beach Club next week

Nice not going to Nice There is a short time off the coast. Castel Plage Beach Club is the best place to take a few hours to work this time.

It's a little worth it but worth it!

You will receive a food and drink service, umbrella, bed, and boxes EUR 10. Stay here sun and look at the end of the day on the cocktail system.

Lunch and Rose in Nice

Make dinner with Vieille Ville

Vieille Ville is the most beautiful city in Nice. It is one of the best places to find the real French food in the city.

Back to Bistrot d & Antoine. It is a popular place for locals, known as & # 39; risotto delicious & # 39; animal fish, and roasted meat.

For snacks, stop the Frenokchio store. Choose more than 100 different apple such as chocolate, vanilla, and tomato and basil.

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Nice day trip

Should not the mood be dragged to the hill or to the museums? Nice is a stone stone removed from some of France's top. Here are a few trips you can add to within 48 hours of Nice travel:

Antibes: Located between Nice and Cannes, Antibes has 23 kilometers off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Following the coastline, it is also called traditional heritage.

Monaco: Monaco is the second most populous country in the world, and it is very good. The port city is known as a luxury neighborhood, red casino, and five-star hotels. It is a great day trip if you want to meet the best things in life.

Cannes: Beautiful weather, throughout the year, indigenous people and travelers travel to Cannes beaches. You can use the solar sun, shopping mall or exploring the middle equipment.

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The decor and the history of the world meet the international waters of Nice. Active markets that sell new flowers and fresh fruit, award-winning restaurants, wonderful jewelry, and year-round sun art just for one of the best reasons The highest type of person in each travel agency .

What do you think is the look of a Nice look? Please let me know the comments below!