How to vote was one of the topics of the Georgia island archipelago

ATLANTA – Yotam Oren is registered to vote in the last election in December, after the ceremony and became a US citizen. He added a copy of the new Physical Fitness Certificate in the Voter Registration Form.

But later, Oren received a letter from the district's election office saying he was in the "voter's request" because his race was not confirmed, and that he demonstrated evidence of citizenship when he was voting.

Mr. Oren, according to the record of the case, was finally allowed to vote in Georgia in a competiton and watch the regional governor – but not after the federal judge calls "a serious process "and requires two rounds of elections.

His case has been a key element of a federal case contrary to the law of Georgia's "match exact", because the law has threatened voters' rights to more than 50,000 voters in the registration process fully disclose personal information about government data. On Friday, a federal court called Mr. Oren has emerged from his experience "beyond the control of the state" and forced the government to eliminate administrative barriers to qualify voters who are wrongly marking the correct system.

The following is a guide on voting rights issues most debated in Georgia looga debate before the election on Tuesday:

Mr. Oren's sadness was the result of what is known as & # 39; right Act & # 39; in Georgia. It was approved last year, he encouraged Mr. Kemp, announcing the constitutional state of the Republic of Tajikistan.

According to the law, information on registration forms for new voters will be entered by a regional election officer who checks the information entered into the Social Security secrecy information or the information provided by the Department of Driver Services.

Legal supporters say the goal is to prevent the tackling of voters. The criticism indicates that registration can be done if the most important details are not relevant. Applications may be denied for the missing link.

Unsatisfied applicants are listed on the waiting list, which allows them to vote in the current election. However, if they do not see this within 26 months, their application will then be denied.

The system also creates problems with citizens such as Mr. Oren, one in about 3,100 people identified as a birth condition. According to legitimate legal proceedings in the system, it directly adjusts people like Mr. Oren on the waiting list – regardless of whether they are attached to their birth certificate – unless they also update their status in their Department of Human Services. There is no need for new citizens to make this change.

The correct legal rule took the previous weight, when Associated Press received documents from the office in Mr. Kemp's public record applications and received 53,000 voters registered were blocked in this "waiting" situation that failed to meet the actual standards. Nearly 70 percent of registered voters are African-American, the news agency reported.

The number of applicants has been signed by the New Georgia Project, a team of Ms. Ms. Abrams has been established to promote the small minority participation in the election process. Mr. Kemp blamed the group for turning off softwares.

Some of the inspectors said they are worried that the "waiting" situation of voters will lead to confusion as they go to the elections. On Friday, Eleanor L. Ross, District Commissioner, said Mr Oren, after learning about the waiting list, passed "the process of weight needed for two rounds of elections, his research, the number given. Election officials so that the status of her citizen can be confirmed after she has submitted a citizenship certificate to his / her vote.

Mr. Oren's voting card was held by Fulton County staff who work at the polling stations who were busy looking for someone who can change his situation when he is actively looking for his evidence of citizenship. The Judicial Commission on Friday has expanded the list of voters who have been granted access to citizenship documents and have voiced their gratitude to the Office of the President. Kemp publishes a newsletter and updates its website to clarify how voters are voting.

According to the Brennan Justice Center at the University of New York University, Georgia, Kemp underscored that over 1.5 million voters were counting their vote between 2012 and 2016. Atlanta Journal-Constitution said another 665,000 German were abolished last year.

The government is one of those who take off the list after being seen as "uncomfortable." Such a payment was imposed by the United States Supreme Court in June 5-4 over the same program in Ohio.

Closing supporters say their aim, as "the right thing," is to prevent fraud. But the policies remain confusing.

Georgia Homes, people who do not vote or are not linked to election officials for a three-year period are receiving a notice by asking them to verify, within 30 days, that the address is still working.

If the electoral officials are not listening to them, they have been moved to "non-active" list, their registration has been suspended if they do not vote or contact the two deputies.

Criticism means that this process can affect minority voters, and in some cases, they are actually defective in other ways.

"Some of the card holders will get it, they think it is a waste and not to look back," said Julie M. Houck, senior lawyer at the Legal Rights Law Committee .

Special mediations have now been introduced in this Law by the Law of Georgia which is responsible for signing the absentee ballots – and voting applications – the same absence of signatures on the files with the district election officials.

The United States Department of Homeland Security accuses Mr Kemp of imposing the law because people have denied the right to vote because of fraud. Sean J. Young, director of the Georgia Department of Law at the American Civil Liberties Union, said about 700 missing voters, and 189 absentee voters denied the district officials because of signatures without interruption.

A judge issued a temporary restraint order on October 24th and stopped the district officials to deny application requests or applications on the basis of the signature of the signature.

Some of the hatred of Kemp have called for the resignation of the national secretary to eliminate any suspicion that he has his weight on the ballot. Former President Jimmy Carter, a Georgian mother, has named Mr Kemp told them they would continue to "assure the confidence of our citizens our results."