Hsu-rudolphy interconnections offer Good Owner, Extension

The new and exciting Split House is a two-bigger but tied home house designed and built by hsu-rudolphy in the beautiful bush of Chile. Because the customers were hoping for adults and children's facilities to be as fast as possible while continuing to cope, two-dimensional structure was proposed and used. Adult grants and youth wings are connected to the glass hall which is also located in a "big house" area of ​​all communal areas, regardless of age.

The project is a vacation home on Lake Rupanco where families with parents and young people share the leisure time. The main requirements of customers in the home to prepare immediately created a family can return, but also in different places where they can rely on at the event.

At designated locations, owners have asked the impressive vision surrounding their plans to be top priorities. Every weight, path, and stove should have a clear picture of the lakes at the bottom of the house. Because the house is located in a narrow terrain of land that actually comes into the sea, the owners have been given a vintage image of the Volcano Osorno from the main home, thanks to the beautiful windows .

Guests often find that the size of this house is wrapped in the same way and meets the exterior angles of the outside. Although this contributes to the idea, it actually differs from the original. This method is designed to create a house with multiple locations in one of the natural possibilities of possible natural resources. The recording plan that you see is a successful attempt to spell out spaces that do not stick to the mirror.

Because the long-term construction of the house really is difficult to access, the project is located very close to the ground. The crews of the nearby neighborhood are tenancy, woodland and indoor plants to provide repairs, quality, and length to determine the maximum light in each room.

Here, you will see the surrounding areas of the environment and the lighting, reception of the portfolio of adult ports, as well as exercise, extensive, and laughing room for young people out of open space for activities and games.

Pictures: Gabriel Rudolphy and Ian Hsu