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my favorite friends at home

It's been a lot of days sweating and Uganda here … but it's filled with lots of puppy kisses! While my team and I are working on great projects at home, dressing up has really become my go-to spot.

To be honest, I had to do laundry just for the fact that I went through all my sweat pants! Does this look like you?

Trying to stay home and comfortable, while still feeling beautiful and * slightly * put together, I've rounded up my favorite pieces to swim!

Above them

Isn't that "Good as Gold" sweat doesn't like it? Talk about being comfortable, too!

Joggers + Sweat Bags

Legs Relocated from Recycled Materials

Girl Together

Taken together the girlfriend makes the dressing and sustainable clothing of the plastic bottle recycled – a dream! These top-of-the-line, pressure-packed mixtures with stitched details are made using recycled water bottles – 79% RPET and 21% spandex – and offer a four-dimensional fit. and can be breathed. I always try to choose sustainable clothing that fits the speed model, and these are the right travel footprint.

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Bra Sports from Recycled Products

Girl Together

As I mentioned, Joint Girls Make Dresses and Dresses in plastic bottles recycles! The sports helmets are made from the same stretching material as the upper deck. Make a reservation before your next trip!

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When you want to feel connected but also very good … I love this Culver City from Free People – and it's SO SO colorful!

How beautiful are you with Mama + her makeup?


And as a bonus – you can do something for your child, too! Bailey is confused on this dog's bed. 😉

What are your favorite parts of sleeping in a hall? I would love to hear the comments below.

Are you looking for other pieces to add to your wardrobe?