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Hot seat: Of course this is a classic show of electric starters, but it's great that I want to mention again. I love the hot seat and I even love the bidet.

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The bidet attachment I like the best, and the one we recommend for the Wirecutter, is the Toto Washlet C200. It features a large splash control, temperature control, and, of course, a favorite hot seat. But what really shapes this model is the remote control. Working on the C200 is a very sensitive thing and my 5- and 7-year-old children have been very tight with all directions. This also means that an entertaining host might even imitate it (on both sides, I guarantee the bidet is a wonderful storytelling).

The C200 has other features that are not important but maybe some enjoy. Blow dryer was working, but it takes some time, as I have tried all the contenders. There is also mild heat, to clear the air, and pre-mist entertainment. Both are fine, but they fly automatically when you sit down, and I see them very busy for the first thing in the morning. Others liked this feature, so it's just a matter of personal preference. The great thing about the C200 is that if you choose to wear these, it is really easy to make in remote locations. In other models, I was forced to exaggerate the instructions and, in my case, search the internet for a way to stop the automatic symptoms.

The C200 usually costs more than $ 400, so it's a great investment, but it's well worth the goal of a fully electric bidet.

If you have never used a bidet before, getting one is a great confidence. When you are unsure whether a water-based spray sprayer is behind your brand, you can opt for a cheaper, cold water type, such as the Brondell SimpleSpa Thinline Bidet attachment (SS-250). Like other water-cooled models, it has only a cold water cooler, pressure regulator, and self-cleaning function. Model & # 39; EasySpa & # 39; it has a thinner appearance than the others, and, for $ 30, its price falls in the same fashion as entry-level models. It does not need an entrance.

EasySpa is the best place to start, but it really only shows a fraction of what a bidet attachment can be. When you get used to cleaning yourself with spray water, don't be surprised if you find yourself considering a more advanced version, such as the C200. When you step up, at least you get a hot seat, and I promise you will like it.