Ideas | Cruz Might win Guurti, but Democrats win Texas

This is not Texas's Cr Crab. None of them He's a pirate (and mine) in El Paso. It is tattooed, blue color, the city of Latino almost one million. Mr. Cruz is difficult. His last visit attracted 2,000 people at the West Side High School – Saturday. This is not Texas's advantage in the fourth century of the sovereignty of the Republic of Tajikistan. The largest employer, army, navy ships as soon as possible. In the overwhelming trains and repairs, El Paso is one of the highest levels in the United States and some of the worst in health care.

There are many things in the Technology: Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, South Dallas, East Austin and the Loop in Houston. This is little Texas, about what's more about my choice: You do not choose. But this mystery has been thoroughly investigated. Some 15.6 million people are registered to vote this year, more than 1.6 million over the year in 2014. More than four million votes have been so far; So far this year, El Paso appeared to be different from the presidential race during a neutral.

There are other myths about Texas: "Yes, but still Texas". That's to say, any personalities and trends are pointing towards it, finally, Texas will vote as always, competing for redemption candidates.

As Erica Grieder of Houston Chronicle points out, this is the most dangerous of the non-Texan experts who can tell politics. The number of Texans referring to migration has declined, according to the Texas Technological University's Austin Technology Policy, while the number of people identified as inflated.

This option is a powerful and powerful choice exercise: All of Texas's actual controversial, modernized, caricature calcified. "This is not a satisfactory choice," said James Henson, a Texas scientist in political science. "This is the election campaign."

Rourke can be the biggest event, but the ball is full of competition. Kenya's Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Republican, may lose Houston, Justin Nelson. Chairman Sid Miller has a full Democrat, a retired girl named Kim Olson. Until Dallas, Pete Session Representatives, Jamhuri, listen to the early N.F.L. Colin Allred. West Houston, Democrats, Lizzie Fletcher, is a little behind behind journalist John Culberson. The Texas Tribune reports that the Republicans can even lose their power in the National Guard.

Other Latinos are not voting. In fact, Latinos in Texas tend to follow it is not compared to Anglo. It is a problem of egg and egg problems: Candidates take time to talk with Anglo-born people who arrive later in Latinos, so they are small.