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Now we need to ban the use of hunting equipment.

For centuries, leadership was the best way to grab because of their weight, density and availability. Where I live in Virginia, minefields have introduced most of the factories used in the Revolutionary War.

Today wHaving technology to access useful coposets with other safe materials, such as copper, and technology have responded to a lot of delays. These violations are also serious and accurate, though much appreciated expensive.

In the state of California, unnecessary use of non-shotguns in the past 10 years in the heavily fortified California suburbs, which have faced a major risk of lead poisoning. During July, California will be the first ban on the use of control lead to hunt wildlife, although nearly half the provincial governments already require some sort of "TOXIC muqarxin not only" to prevent looga some cases.

President Barack Obama said the use of ammunition and fishing in the ground and water is banned, claiming that they have been harmed by fish and wildlife. Internal Affairs Secretary Ryan Zinke has quickly withdrawn the ban, which is against the National Union of Poachers and Poachers' Teams, states that the order "does not comply with any legal or legal requirement."

It was wrong to do it. And no, in spite of this, this is not to take our weapons or to protect Bambi or illegitimate illegal. This is is it about the protection and health of the health of the wildlife we ​​rely on.

And not just health in the wildlife world. One of the 2009 survey in the PLOS One reported that people are at risk of being led by a rifle thrown from the camel's assault rifle with a firecracker shotgun and fired on ordinary commercial systems. At the same time, the Disease Control and Prevention Centers found that 736 people in North Dakota had tried leadership, who ate wildlife had more than 50 percent of their blood and those who did not. The criticisms of this time are often based on small numbers, but the authors of C.D.C. The study is recommended that pregnant women should not be eating wildlife.

The United States, More than 11 million people. All of us have a responsibility to protect what I like. To protect our children, we have banned the painting of lead. To keep the air we are healthy, we have removed the lead dust from our bike. We have to do this pieces to protect our bush. The leader must go.

Jim Minick holds the University of Augusta, the author of five books.

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