Ideas | Hate, new religion in Pakistan

After eight years of captivity, Asia Bibi, Christine, has resigned this week by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. For many here, it seemed like a good day. The Supreme Court of the country finally released the sentence and released a woman who had lost her life in the past several years with only one prison. Going to the court cited the Islamic scriptures, pieces of paper from the Prophet and the confusion of Shakespeare. Great abuse was corrected.

That is why the new religious religion in Pakistan, which is the backbone of the preservation of the Prophet's dignity, threatens to bring the country into a threat.

The animal was put in bags against the referees issued by Bibi. Referees and referee guards were ordered to kill before the evening; The winner has a great reward in his life. Pakistan's opposition, who won the general elections in the summer, has launched its presidential election with the vice president of the army, accused by Ahmadi, a minority religious leader. She called on Prime Minister Imran Khan "a Jew".

Khan, a native of the country, was shocked by language and action: He said his government had already surpassed Islam and warned protesters not to take the state. However, these people have failed to make a small difference in the Bibi population.

Do not even know what the hate was when he was accused of having been. There are a number of reasons for the allegations, but they are all around the mouth of a Muslim minority in Punjab, the eastern state, about the drinking of the ship . Some Muslims will not use the non-Muslim utensils, they believe that they have a lot of religion (Hindu) than in the Islamic book. We never know what might or can be said because the repetition of fraud is also blasphemous, and writing may make it even greater. Therefore let not man go.

We know what's happening next. Bibi was found guilty in 2010, after being charged with conscientious objection, sentenced to one trial. Another court has confirmed the sentence. Punjab governor, Salman Taseer, visited prison in custody, and promised to abolish the president's amnesty. He was who murdered one of his police guards who was believed to be the president of the country by blasphemy, by the UN war crimes lawsuit. Pakistan media is an understanding. Feeling well.

The Ministry of Federalism has become Christian and has spoken to Bibi as well as killed. Even though no one is truly assaulted in the state so far, only allegations can be an open invitation to the murderer. Last year, students at Mashal University were hit by school friends after being accused of fake stories about social media. They were no more than the personal thoughts of the capital, some of the musical texts and ideas about the meaning of life.

Also last year, five educators were taken from the HQs & # 39; intelligence tracks that appeared as coordinated attacks. They all had a document against the army or its security policy. Some wrote on a piece, some poems; others in Facebook. As they lost some time, some social media and TV sets came close to the army and began to blame them for insulting. Finally the release of the abductees, but many poisons have spread to them because they leave the country.

Prior to the last election, the same people asking for the head of the military headquarters surrounded the capital. They oppose the government to convert one word of oath you must be a member of the parliament. The tragic part of the story was the media and rebel opposition parties. Khan, the leader of the opposition at that time, said his followers are trying to join the rally. Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, senior military commander, has explicitly stated that it is unlikely that they will be able to use their power to prevent their people, which is a glorious one with little of the history of Pakistan.

Following the police operation, the army has successfully negotiated with the protesters, and has signed an agreement with most of its demands. The Minister of Justice was dismissed. The change of law has been revised. In general, it is considered to be distributed among the authors of the 1,000-rupee to demonstrate demonstrations and to back the back: Do not you stay with me? Do not all of us share in the same brotherhood?

Now these brothers have returned to embrace our military and civilian buildings. Handling of arms and some cash can be a legal strategy that suits certain types of explosions. But not when you play politics with honor of the Prophet.

It is certain that Bibi will not be able to live in the country after he accepts. And many people who like to be still waiting for the cells waiting to be tried. There is a literary professor, Junaid Hafeez, who was in prison for five years in the past been charged with fraud. After his arrest, his lawyer was shot dead to defend him. His lawyer can not be named. Hafeez should be kept in jail only to protect other prisoners who may take his life for himself to avenge the good name of the prophet.

Now that the Prime Minister himself is in the right eye – protecting the abuser may even lie – and a stronger than him, Bajwa, has been declared lying, one in one, hopes their centers will not use the bad credit against their enemies. There were estimates of cases reported between 1927 and 1986, but there were more than 4,000 since the laws were reinforced.

Pakistani citizens are asking the government and the army to go and destroy the shells and send them back to the country. It may be useful to follow the fake laws that seem to turn us all up to the blame.