Ideas | I'm never a sport. Then I got the truth.

More than 50,000 athletes are expected to take part in the New York Marathon Sunday. Some will be overwhelmed by complacency; The remainder are looking for a personal record or a time for the Boston Marathon, or just want to finish. I will not marathon this year, but I'll stay here to encourage men, the flu. While taking this wonderful image, I will also wait for my next challenge – and I'm thinking of how happy I am to get such a game.

In my life, little games were held. My time has spent my time at the high school classroom newspapers and the addition of language arts. Only I did when we had to drag our blue light around one mile to complete the Fitness Zone test.

But in April next year, I will join about 20 per cent of our classrooms in 1994, and will run just half a mile from Nashville to collect money for our school community. We start a Facebook group to support it during our training. We share images that we meet with our work – one friend in Georgia, which is the fence and occasional wound; For me, it is the Prospect Park in Brooklyn – promoting each other through wounds and sex images.

I started ten years ago, over the last 30 years, after many years of exercise going on – kickboxing cardio! Tae Bo! Dance & # 39; n & # 39; sweat! – dealing with food problems. I need to have the training I can do on a regular basis, at any time, by paying membership fees.. Only one problem: I did not know how to run. I have just done a physical education teacher with a strong force and called "grandpa."

I found the 5k online program and worked in my system for about 3 miles. It is mine, without the emphasis on speed or time, I found my viewing enjoyment. A friend reminded me that she plans to make a maze with a charity group – why I have been trained without them? Among other things I knew, I was training for a half-mile with her. One mile once

It was never a player. I like to go after, but I'm tired of the ground. I love the gym, but I'm 5 feet 10 inches. I hate all sports, especially the mid-term primary school, football and dodgeball. Every mistake has caused the failure of a whole group, and they do not feel ashamed of me. I chose my high school because it did not need to leave the group.

After running the first half of 2008 in San Francisco, I train and run the marathon. Then we ran in two marathons in New York City. We ran for two half-mins less than two hours. I won my 5K team. When I was injured, when I was injured or tired or my legs were hurt, she told me she was O.K., rest, try tomorrow tomorrow or next week or next month.

The author will run in the Boston Marathon 2017.MortgageMichele Drislane

In this regard, the charity of the charity group is something that shows. I had a different group of people – exercising, to talk with a storm 15-miles and the hill followed a moment Fartleks, but I did not challenge them. I only met myself. When I succeeded in personal success, these people were happy with me. They told me that I can even keep even, even longer. They became my best friends.