Ideas | Last Concern in Northern Ireland

Any dispute arising from the original D.U.P. leadership, this is a danger to the Protestant Protestant Protocol, as Ian Paisley was used to put it, the Antichrist. Therefore, D.U.P. stops gay marriage, the abortion rights and the Irish language rights. The Loyalist and the Loyalist are joined by traditional warfare to defend Britishness. They will take over the EU agreement, even if the Good Friday Agreement is rewritten or destroyed.

In the UK, Brexit has the right to. These politicians, which are opposed to the Conservative and European party's right wing, since the 1990s, have seen the next problem, too. The Organization, which has fabricated a royal, for the purpose of & # 39; Forlorn English No government has lost its authority. The Conservative Party has been in a state of declining, especially since the 1990s. Scotland is close to 2014. The return of under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor Party, is a solution to the collapse of the collapsed state.

The Brexit right fact is condemning all of us with an open-door membership center in Europe. It claims that the European laws have recaptured business, weakened labor and destruction of national sovereignty. Apart from the European Union, Brexiters are hoping to break into the building and be able to operate a small business base of the Conservatives.

The D.U.P. and the fact that Brexit does not have the same priority. Brexiters want a low-income, low tax base to compete with the EU. In part D. A.P., who has a central base, often chooses to work on issues such as government spending. But they share the words "British," and D.U.P. It comes with a "reorganizing market" reform since northern Ireland received a generous funding.

If they succeed to compete with "hard" Brexit and emphasizing their post-Brexit settlement, would weaken the Association. They are further worsening the state of the state of the nation led by Scotland to become outside. Irland, north and south, Sinn Fein is a growing force. It goes on in many parts of the Assembly. Problems with the Good Friday Agreement, which has already been paid by D.U.P. The blockade, led by Sinn Fein to Ireland, is back in the agenda. Although it may be short-term, it appears to be more than the same as Brexit just five years ago.

The coalition, who faced a threat to the Association, would have fought a war. The borders are still there. But compared to the moisture, rains in & # 39; In Northern Ireland, the Islamic Organization is slowly dying. And she, the idea of ​​Britain.

Richard Seymour is the editor of the newspaper Salvage and the author, finally, "Corbyn: Political Political Debate."