Ideas | Repeat elections

One of the relaxing and barriers to this work is to make a lot of travel. I have been in 23 provinces over the last three months. The general feeling I am getting is that we can not cover a moderate choice campaign. I'm going to summarize two different voters.

The biggest difference is atmospheric. On the outskirts of towns and cities, Donald Trump shows every problem: Have you seen what he's now tweeted? Do you see his appeal? Where do you find the Mueller test?

Compared to rural populations, in contrast, all these things seem like a storm inside in Mongolia. It's from something far away and without a certain amount here, so no one will pay a lot of attention.

In the rural population, people talk about a period of time. People living in the United States generally do not care about the subject. Even if 80 per cent of the residents support Trump, you will never know how the person will react if you name it – they can call you racist – so it is not a safe topic for discussion.