Ideas | Stroke in the United States

Like many Americans, we have seen events in our southern borders – the separation of children from their parents; Immigration officials not guilty independent migrants, criminals and animals; His attempts to refuse the birth of their children; and his promise to send troops to the federal government to intervene in a small refugee camp.

My ears, it all looks very well known. This is not the first time the United States was interrupted as a response to people looga wants to escape from the situation of a man & # 39; humanity. It is not the first time the president has threatened to send troops to federal forces to bring them back to fear.

I am thinking of, of course, the African American, which is often regarded as America's history as human beings but such as the types of property that are not different than cattle & cattle and sheep. Under their slavery, they are actually different from those from illegal immigrants today. For one thing, South Korea, they wanted to have a place where they had no idea, cemetery owners worked hard to prevent their slaves from fleeing South Carolina was implementing the Act for the first time Prevention Runaways "as soon as 1683. A hundred years later, Georgia made a night patrol in the largest city called" Savannah Watch. "In the last few years, British authorities, the Ethiopian authorities, enjoy the wetlands looga against "the servants of the countryside and wildlife," to get home rivers.

However, despite such efforts, when the British embassy in Philadelphia, 1787, the slavery problem is a challenge for the creation of a new nation. If a regular organization was exported to the south, where slavery was the economic and cultural activity, and in the north, where it seemed to have been destroyed by the freedom of movement within the borders of the United States. must be stopped. In Part IV, Article 2, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, the basic fathers have tried to stop:

No person shall be subjected to a Service or Worker under any of the laws, except one, must be a result of any law or regulation, excluded from this Service or Employment, but shall be deposited with the Claim of Party that the service or These could happen.

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a representative of South Carolina, is pleased that "we have the right to recruit our servants in any part of the United States who may be able to seek refuge, which is the right have it. "