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ATLANTA – When I met Oso, Georgia's garbage collector died in the last 30 years, he would wear black and black t-shirt with a silhouette gun attack and "Piece Now". , he had a shirt in his hand with one hand, razor blades, and dustboards. He looked at the first two seconds, like the scary type that was suited to a big protest.

In fact, you may see him in the demonstration and others – some of them opposed. "There should be no water for anyone in the minds of this country to do this," he said. "He is alive and well and we have taken it and I walked in where I did not want." That is part of the reasons, he said, to the gun: "I'm wearing a pistol everyday because I am a Jew in the South."

It was Sunday after last week's terror attack on the massacre of the poisonous area in the area. Oso was sitting with another member of the North Korean Consortium of the Social Welfare Organization, a new group that is rapidly developing a left wing group, back in the Italian restaurant in Atlanta. (None of them wanted their last name; Oso, Hispanic "for bear," is a nickname.)

[[[[Listen to the program "Terrorism" performances by the Ross Douthat, Michelle Goldberg and David Leonhardt.]

Purpose S.R.A. is "to control and train the self-defense classroom."

It's launched in the spring of its current shape – before a similar Facebook group – it has hundreds of paid members and more than 30 chapters. On Monday, 28 newcomers joined the group, the group said.

Brad, a 36-year-old math professor, is the founder of North Georgia unit in S.R.A. a member of the Central Committee of the RRS. "Some people are afraid of what's going on in the country," he told me. He recently began to carry guns, after a threat to murdered a social organizing community in his small town. "People want to be able to protect themselves," he said.

At the end of the 1960s and early 1970s, parts of the radical leftist gun. Then, some of the ra & # 39; prime minister contributed hands-on control strategy to looga make weapons of war into Africa; Ronald Reagan has signed a bill to ban heavy weapons when he was the California governor. "Black Panthers and other radical groups in the 1960s have been encouraging some of the strictest sun laws on US history," U.C.L.A. Professor Adam Winkler wrote in his book, "Gunfight: Battle Over The Arms of America's Arms Manufacturing."

So far, however, gunshot behavior is equally equivalent to American protests. The National Emblem National Association may now be the most powerful Republic of the Republic, and the increasingly demanding applications of one of the far right-hand clients. In the last 20 or 30 years, Winkler told me, "Not only NRA become more connected with the right, but there is a strong radical radicalism against the NRA and the mobility of fireworks." he became, he said, "everything about how to trigger the next war."

On the other hand, most left hand workers control the weapons, something is impossible to change at any time. But it may be impossible, because our policy is flexible and violent, the upcoming left wing movement will come out.

Brad said they are trying to draw people invited to a few days, appearing as Adventurers. "We do not want John Wayne to show the difference," he said. In fact, SRR. It comes from a community organization that is better than a suburb. It has recently been 501 (c) (4) non-profit, and its members spend more time on collaborative projects such as gathering money and charity assistance.

Part of the group's operations is to simply provide a home for people who want to shoot, or to learn about the shooting, but those who are returning to the traditional wood fencing correct standard. "This seems to be the enemy of what's happening in most weapons of Georgia," said Steve, a 66-year-old doctor and a recent sign-language SRR teacher. "Mine had Brian Kemp on the last Saturday," he added, referring to the Deputy Chief Justice of Georgia. "I'm going to shoot and shoot."

But even if SRR. is strangely adhering to the closure, most of its growth still responds to the widespread perception of terrorism and vulnerability. This week, the team released a video of the Donald Trump as a "world" with Nazis, photographs of anti-Semitic and videos. It ends with pictures of people putting on a gun, and words, "We can clear our peace." At this event, some felt that there was no one else.