Ideas | The newspaper is disappointed with Hungary

"This is what the government would like to teach the community – there are no reliable sources within the government," explains Attila Batorfy, looking for the Hungarian media at Atlatszo.

Hungary is particularly vulnerable to such a kind. The country has become a democracy 1989. In addition, government publications from any national lottery opera opera state are still the financial sources of media companies, who have long been with friends.

However, journalists who had met in Budapest hit it as quickly as possible for the media, and that it had all been corrected by the democratization of money and money. "It's not Russia," Lukacs Csaba told me. "You do not think people will be executed. Everyone thought he would lose his job. It's enough."

Mr. As a journalist, Magyar Nemzet, a 80-year-old journalist was arrested in April. (His government's return came after Mr. Orban broke his owner.)

In May, Mr. Cassie and his two former teachers started the week Magyar Hang (Hungarian Voice), which operates in Budapest's only room. Most problems are not advertisements, because companies are afraid to take pictures of the government, Mr. Csaba said. The letter is published on the Slovakian border, because there is no Hungarian publisher. "One of the biggest problems is that people are afraid to be their customers," he added. The reporters worked for the first two months. Now they sell enough copies – less than 10,000 per week, mostly in newspapers – to pay the minimum wage.

Magyar Hang is the central newspaper, the right right – is not something radical than the Wall Street Journal. Some of their writers, including Mr. Cassie was used to support Fidesz. But because they are prepared to criticize the ruling party and to report the official government action, the government has not recognized its reporters, so they can not attend their news meetings and the water authorities' opinion, Mr. Csaba said. And no hay & government agencies respond to their calls.

"If I ask a person from the public hospital, & # 39; How many infections? & # 39; Will you answer us," he said. "You do not need to be honest, you have to be a wife, you have to obey their orders without water, without doubt."