Ideas | Think about the Rally Ideal Trump Rally

Donald Trump has 10 more than five days before the midterm elections. How do you think it will be?

We really need rest. The country has been in turmoil with terrorists – the grenade bombs followed by a public proclamation of Pittsburgh. Overall, the president is worse than nothing. The high mystery of the word may have come when he entered the synagogue where 11 people were killed and nothing was said.

The shadow of the alleged synagogue that has failed to send armed guards in religious services. Between him and himself busy on the Republican candidates and failed to trim the event.

Hours after the collapse of the synagogue, Trump has already returned to the protest, before the supporters of Illinois support him. To be fair, he began to talk about the "anti-Semitism" and the need "to renew the love of love and loyalty to America as well."

He walked this topic for six minutes. That was it. Then he returned to a favorite camel of the Savior's Protection Level. ("… I hate to say but you are out of a group that is close or very big and trying to come in.") Wednesday in Florida It took about one and a half minutes to Trump to move from "unity and solidarity" to "the great media", the "enemy of the people."

Trump is completely the home of the fact that he does not improve his behavior because we are in trouble. Illinois, he denied the crowd, the president suggested that "a little lower" after the worst attack in the recent history of hate.

"Maya!" She announced the audience listening.

"I felt like you could say," the free world leader said happily.

And then it goes on business as usual. There is a basic economic movement, which has been greatly appreciated by all. This is not a problem. Trump is correct as a matter of course, and all the president are proud of their financial success. If there is no financial loss. Or there are very many traumatic scenarios that need more and more deeper.

But really, let's allow this messy team in between. You can be driven to a variety of things throughout the night.

The worst thing about the rallies is that Trump is returning to the migration, although the recent events have made it clear that this is poisoning the nation. ("We are preparing our caravan, you do not need to worry about it")

He has now added a new device for his new plan to remove a part of the constitution that if you were born here, you're a citizen – that's even Paul Ryan's success. ("People do not want to bring it, I said I must bring.")

Now we know that the two possible grenades and the violent propaganda are related to the foreigners. The refugee is what Trump thinks is the key to success in the center. It is also the place where Trump becomes ancestral in the right wing and the national anatomy of the enemy of the country.

It's funny that he expects to raise the nation. But is it too much to ask him to stay away from the violent topic he enjoys?

For example, he would like to remind his fans that he won the election and is safe. It may take about half an hour to reject his idea that it is difficult to win the ballot papers with popular votes. Many estimates are estimating – it may take time to claim that 47 per cent of Fort Wayne, Ind., Have left the door, more frightening weather, and only watched the television.

We are not good enough to talk about a 10 per cent tax deduction for anyone who is not aware of Washington but Donald Trump. And the Army! ("So it is important, it's where it is.")

What else can he say is not dangerous? Well – he can talk about things that the majority of the Republicans have discussed in the past two years. O.K., which is definitely not enough to fill an hour.