Ideas | Waste Finance Policy (Wongkish Falls)

As many people have pointed out, Trump tax has generally been broken into the general principles of financial policy. Historically, we kufaraxnay to lose a significant loss when the economy is weak, limited to any length when the force is. However, anxiety is increasing even with regard to employment. This is irresponsible, and shows that the entire control of the game and always – that tells us some time.

Unfortunately, this is actually a part of a larger story: The financial policy has been blamed since 2010, not because of what it owes to the national debt, but that is why they have done macroeconomics.

Here are the financial policies that they must do: they need to support the needs of the economy when it is weak, and it should be reinforced when the economy is strong. As John Maynard Keynes said, "The rain, which is not lost, is the right time to make a donation." Since 2010, the United States has followed this medication. Since then, however, the financial policy has been a mistake: the first jobless job, although the job has been increasing, despite the decline in unemployment.