Ideas | What kind of democracy can happen in 2020?

Corey Lewandowski won the Donald Trump campaign for a year, shared a book about Trump, as we remembered last month, when The Times reported that he and John Kelly, the White House headquarters staff, outside the Oval Office.

So I think his opinion about the best democratic Democrats in the Trump in 2020, as everyone.

He told me that Mike Bloomberg is worried, because Bloomberg will put his personal wealth in the financial interest, and Joe Biden has a realistic attitude if he and Trump go to high school, beat the hell out of him. "

He noted that Beto O 'Rourke, the Senate Senator in Texas, was incredibly opposed to the famous design. Andrew Gillum, the governor of the state of Florida, also took light.

True democracy needs quality and the will of racism, "said Lewandowski: he or she they should "be ready to go to the back of a person I believe is the most important of the politics they've ever seen."

All in mid-September is held on Tuesday, but Until Thursday it will be a historical date. We will adhere to the following next election, using November 6 results of the debate about who can win the Trump and how.

Is it moderate or progressive? In the past or a new person? Woman or man? The training unit is well known, but it will have an unknown and unknown, because Trump is everything, especially those who dress.

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At present, with concern that the president could not afford the short term, there will be more water and more concern. It is central to the personal, personal and emotional trends of the media.

Some Democrats even believe that the voice codes for flexibility and incentives to move beyond the neutrality can be The message of victory, as the people of the United States are increasingly in danger – the Pittsburgh genocide was the only lasting example of the blood – and because Trump can never claim to be a medical agent.

"It's a matter for him where he is weak," said Bob Kerrey, former Senator and former Nebraska governor. "You must tell the audience: This country is in danger, and it is very bad."

Kerrey said the whole world, the Democratic candidate will be even more prominent, and he will tell people who are voting: "You will be upset because I want to take a Republican idea if It's good. Do not expect me to be 100% – a hundred percent can be happy, but this country will not.

I like that sound. I also suspect that it is a dangerous idea.

The final trump of Trump falls in a dCommitting an act: he or she must overcome as normal without telling anyone about you, measuring accurate judgments with good hope, avoiding the temptation and self-esteem that can never be frustrated.

Philippe Reines, spokesperson for Hillary Clinton, made this problem the articles in the Washington Post in March, Trump counseling would be a challenge: "Do not apologize." There was no money available at Harvey Weinstein, but it was not even a pistol attack. "You are satisfied with the lack of security."

But at the beginning, Trump 's Democracy must be come out. This will be very difficult for future candidates about about three existing people.

"Nobody has ever seen anything like this," Jim Jordan, initially launched the 2004 campaign for John Kerry. "The space is huge, and the second is the one we have a few candidates from Massachusetts. More out of California. Many western administrators. Many women. Much more billionaires" In the first discussion, Jordan added, "There will be a table for the children's table."

Staying on the need for insurmountable quality: the structure to reduce trump media transfer. To finish, every challenge is to know how to tell a story or story through the paint process.

"The high emotion" was like Naomi Burton explains what the candidate needed. She and Nick Hayes are working with Detroit Production Products, which helped with the video file in the center of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Hayes told me that candidates should be careful about being dependent on "traditional business, everyday with people shouting."

Searching for tweets to melt if you are smart enough. The opposite is that he is also looking for social media. Many Democrats have tried to do this, with various successes. Rourke's defensive dueling fanatics played on the national anthem as a predictable virus, and his daily life in Facebook was one of the best for his signature, the highest mark . But Senator Cory Booker compares Spartacus at Brett Kavanaugh's list of unsuccessful attempts – his opposition was so unpleasant and uncomfortable when told.

There is no shame about the confusion of the knives in the media where Trump gorges go to the scene. He has a shame on his side. See last month: She claims that she can end up being a citizen of a citizenship through the command of the greatest story, although she is not able to do anything, in fact she knows she has been involved in a politically motivated interpretation of the center . Some collections are very good journalists and analysts to continue.

So there is a pressure on Democratic Democracy not only to communicate effectively, but to remind them of things – like, new ones.

"Candidates need to have an original and anticipated level," said Pete Buttigieg, Youth Bend, Ind., And a rising star of the Democratic Party. He emphasized the policy of this debate about "If the guaranteed revenue is right now – a new idea like this, I think you will hear many people talking about the constitutional amendment as we It is not really known as "ERA." These items may be related to the Electoral College, the campaign budget, the right to vote. His point – it's important – it was to have been taxed in the same tax rate or the recommendation of unsatisfactory job training is less intense during the lengths. They persuade the bordering borders and the ban on Muslims.

And it is better Do not trump the Trump harder for his fans. Small sign, please, and no problem. Western voters who will vote will not be returned to the Democratic Party if they are created to be ashamed of their own opinion and told them to feel.

"This is a death," said Beth Myers, famous Jamhuuri consultant and Senior Advisor Mitt Romney. They did not speak as a person wanted a strategy to divide Trump; she was the only factor in the situation.

She said that most Democrats are showing possible demands "they come from blue countries and the fact that they do not understand Trump's events – and this is a disadvantage." The Democrats in Massachusetts, people can not really understand how he chose this boy for president, but when traveling to the country, he is very big cad. "

Her husband's freedom, she adds, she will ask her, "How can we allow this to happen?" He must explain to them "There are a lot of people in the country who are different from this perspective, this is a man, and you need to know before you can not get away from someone else." Hillary Clinton can not even understand how the man can be considered. That was very big her problem. "

Axelrod immediately made it for me, and I think it is important advice. "If Democrats want to win in 2020, they can not be unattainable that anyone who voted for Trump is an insult, irresponsible racist," he said, adding that voters still anti-apartheid 2008 and voters dissatisfied with Capitol Hill "seen as" Trump "as Washington's donkey was slaughtered.You must be in the electoral room, but if they are embarrassed and embarrassed to support the place First, he will be released in his stages. "

Lewandowski and I did not get that, but we got a lot. He said politicians with few years of office and recordings often have benefits from those who have more and more years: There is little protection and explanation. Obama said, even did not even go through the first time he won the Senate when he announced his country's president.

He reminded me of the war in Burburin that he was pictured as someone who came to Washington. A representative of a democracy, a mayor, a mayor, or a business owner may be able to become a model for the bond. It's clear from him and with other people – and what I've come to believe is firm – if you want to beat Trump, learn from it. Heed Go & # 39; important is important. Identify and add a few of his own favorite qualities.

Become a straight, slender skin. "He has the same message today that he made on the day Trump Tower," Myers said. "Message message is wonderful, he's never around, it's real and very powerful."

Your strength. Most voters seem to be convinced, and many see Trump – in view of Myers being very smart, as it strengthens the traditional leadership, leading him to be the central hub of Kavanaugh. "The Americans love war," said Lewandowski. "Donald Trump made it clear."

Make yourself a drink. "I give advice to two or three people who have thought to run – do not think of anything other than telling you in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan," Kerrey told me. "Why are people hunting, fishing, and going to the church you trust? is it Your answer to the world?

Many Democrats take a long time to win the Clinton campaign for a winning victory, accusing Russia of losing its downfall to any wrongdoing. They trump trump as a crash, fuse or fade. It's an apology, sure. It is also a welcome invitation for new leaves.

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