Ideas | When Terrorists arrive at your home

PITTSBURGH – I want to tell you what it is like when your neighborhood becomes a public place of crime.

The most important thing to know is that when you write a phone number from the text youngest sister and say, "There roogayste tree of life," brain months amid not be true, that it is wise.

But your fingers will write it right away, not & # 39; "father is there."

He will turn the cotton mouth waiting for the mother to ensure that the father, leaving one of the Squirrel Hill synagogue every Shabbat, not the building.

Then another one of your girls will send you a link to the police and you will hear how the calls come from the site. You hear the official report that the gunman announced that he wanted to "kill all the Jews". "Bomb explosions were thrown at them, explosions were thrown, explosions were thrown."

You will stop all your plans and take them to a home flight. Before you even belong to the aircraft you will begin to hear about yours – a partner is killed, a doctor. You will ask about your family members outside.

The stroke will break when you know that Cecil Rosenthal – is mentally disabled, has a psychic depression of a man you know since school – is killed by his brother, David. You think he is the best person on the doorstep and you will ask him if he kills the murder, too. And you will weep.

When people opposed the persecution of Jews in the synagogue where you become mitzvah, you may again see the holy place again. But rather than having a family and friends, the temple is hosted by a volunteer worker – kebra cheera – which cleanses blood every week with blood, because according to Jewry, every part of the body should to dig and die.

Daniel Wasserman, a rabbi in the Orthodox pyramid, who also runs the funeral home, will be there, but also FB.I. His name is Nicholas Boshears. You will look at the box, which is contained in the Apostle 13, and you will think that you will be reunited with your hair and think about why you hit the knife instead of the clothes and the distance of your memory by cutting down the words "Because the distribution is involved with …. "

You quickly find out that FB.I. Clothes with black sunglasses are ready for the current construction unit called "crime scene." Where there are hundreds of scabs. Where there is blood flowing to begin to dry.

You will look as if the man is a FB.I. and you will see FB.I. The agent weeps and finds you cry, too.

When terrorists arrive in your home, you can sit, after a few days, with Rabbi Wasserman telling you that someone is not a war zone, I criticize anyone who is telling me what I've seen. " He will tell you he saw Bernice and Sylvan Simon, who married in the synagogue, killing each other's hands. He will tell you to see a portion of the person's casserole and know who it was because they recognized their hair.

When you ask how he feels, he will tell you that he is still unable to respond. That should wait for him to break up until he helps to burial the dead.

When you leave your home in the killings area, familiar areas look like bad pictures. The college campus you go to in the school and swimming will be a sad tent where your best friend, social worker, service and dozens of other people.

The courtesy of a basketball game that has been very bad for any team will be a full room in the youth room, black & white, black and white, laughing blue and watching at Dr.

When terrorists arrive in your city, it will be the news coverage of the media. Hairstyles and dirty boots will report an independent and peaceful outing of the president as a result of violence. His father may "Anderson Cooper."Your mommy may put it in the waste bin.

When terrorists arrive in your city, you have to take into account the copies. You may have to wait a few days after your mother's assault shocked: "Get up and someone has a gun at Casey."

You will throw your pants and soften to the Colfax Elementary School, where one of your daughters is a favorite teacher. It will depend on the second floor of the building with the fourth grade class. The dog owners will look at the building. And for her husband, a firefighter, may display his guns. Crying parents will start gathering on the road. One will be a piece of wood jewelry that you can find out Halloween.

Then your sister will tell you that the child follows the safety rules while she is happy to be a fake warning. This includes "weapons" to throw a man with a special weapon. A small legged legged suit took his clothes. The other one had cooling oil. Another means Purell bottle. Your sister will tell you that she is on the table, with a flashing lens, with the action that the children have done for the job.

If you're lucky, when terrorists arrive in your city, you'll get some evidence of these guys.

Malaa's good-boys, as their father came out of the woods of the Tree of Life as he quietly explained his young son: "They are trying to tell people what they are coming to and we're not real."

Malaa's best friend Wasi Mohamed, executive director of the Pittsburgh Youth Center, stood up and said that if you need "people who are outside your service to protect you, let us know. "He said the establishment of the application only restored the pleasure:" It was presented to me in this area after this election that was very poor and the rise of hate crime against Muslims . "

Malaa 'like the brothers Alisa Fall and Melanie Weisbord, who spent Sunday night shmira protecting the body of one of the victims, to protect Jewish traditions, the person would never be alone.

Malaa's Best Brett Keisel, Pittsburgh Steeler, helped to take David Rosenthal box.

Malaa is the best in the world as Nina Butler, who delivered the chickens for the SWAT officer who had taken seven bullets to the heels of his injuries at the hospital.

Malaa & Good; Lord Jeffrey Myers, who watched his community will be killed and then found a way to represent his noble world community.

Angels & # 39; igihii such as Michael Sampson, who presented a strong Israeli flag, and his wife, Leslie, and two children to join the protest. His 11-year-old son, Jordan, will tell you: "We are here because the hatred has come what is safe, not tolerated."

Eric Manning of the Ericu African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., knows what he looks like in a similar genocide that appeared on Friday when he was set up by Rose Mallinger.

But you also trust yourself if you think these better than these will be enough to stop the threats against the community as you interpret them.

What happened in my neighborhood may seem like a camp or a dormant – something to die for, and it's time to pass. That's how it seemed. But those who live in their lives such as Karachi or Aleppo, what the Jews in Pittsburgh did – were free from violence and fear – not more than dreams.

When you have your home in Western Pennsylvania become a massive place of death, you know that the distance between the realm of the type can be made lightly.

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