Ideas | Yes, the President blamed the Right Terrorist Criminal

The only way with the Trumpist and the lower-level villages. Different forms and prices – but not differently. The two pillars are about the same ideas about nationalism and independence. Both men will see politicians opposed to enemies and migrants as they fly. Both are vulnerable to the conspiracy ideas. They both feed the same trap-talk of nature. "Its roots." "American citizenship." "An illegal animal."

In other words,: political dissolution, media downturn, and foreign citizenship. In some cases, the distance between words and actions is shorter. They then join, as they were last week.

Conservatives have been used to understand the danger. Why care for the social system, the dress code, the luck of speech, the features of the restraint? Not only because the culture makes the man even though they are doing, but the traditions also shape the political culture. How is the deprecated movement expected to believe that any healthy society needs a strong and competent president who is the only president to enjoy this ban?

Trumpian Defense is that political leaders can not be fairly accountable for such acts, such as Sayoc, which are no more than opposed to Bowers. Also, about James Hodgkinson, Bernie Sanders, who appointed Steve Scalise last year? But Sanders was not someone who sent the violence. He did not call the fans together and put together "beat the rubble", or praise the members of the Congress who criticize a journalist.

In an interview with Israel on Tuesday, Abe Foxman, a former leader of the anti-Qaddafi, clearly define the President is what happened in Pittsburgh.

"Pittsburgh is not Trump," said Foxman. "It's something too Trump. "Trump," he added, not anti-Semitism, but an hatred against the hatred against immigrants has the same effect on other people, such as Bowers when he was attacked in the synagogue because he was angry with the support of the Iraqi Refugee Support.

He returned to the No-Nazi-year-old Charlottesville last year, Foxman said Trump, "He did not create it, he did not write his writing, he did not give brown shirts, but he urged them to give them a chutzpah Okay

"When he had the chance to lower his chances," Foxman added, "He did not do it." Pittsburgh's blood is in his hands, too.

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