If Carmelo Anthony wants to win NB.A. McAdoo Level Level Level Levels

It is comparable to NB.A. circle at any point in the subject turning to the Carmelo Anthony in Houston. For many years, the hateful Anthony people are astonished: how much will they take to catch up with their duty, like Bob McAdoo made 30?

Mike D 'Antoni said he was unwilling to be one of the best teachers, and he was happy with the media. .

"I know it is difficult," Antoni said of Houston's request from Anthony to take 34 years. But D 'Antoni quickly added that McAdoo has won twice the title & # 39; Lakers reserve & # 39; . "

But do not do it? In fact? May we reduce the size of the barrier that originally originally used in the machine, such as Melo or Doo, was asked to change his mind so thoroughly?

Clear answer: Search for Mr. Ask and ask.

We've always been in our Buffalo Browser booklet, living in the west of New York nearly all of the Braves & # 39; so I like to speak with McAdoo every time I have it. Nevertheless, the dialogue was not about giving the entire corner of the universe. To get a sense of the changes that Anthony is facing problems with the Rockets, it may be no more an expert with experience in the field looga to McAdoo.

He still has a Miami Heat 67 year after many years in the R & D, Stan Van Gundy and Erik Spoelstra. Therefore, it is contrary to the rules of the league concerning Anthony or his case directly. But McAdoo did not hesitate to tell me, nearly 40 years since joining Lakers in Christmas Eve 1981, without having to worry about being a loser in Los Angeles – and in three seasons, The second half of the Lakers game is hard to keep going.

"It was a great opportunity for me to play with Magic and Magic," said MacAdoo. "For the first time in my career, I had the chance to win a title.

"But I have no idea where I'm going to come back to the bench, it's just happened, for me, it was fun to start, no one would have stayed with me."

However, Riley, then Lakers coach, has regularly found a striker to meet McAdoo, who made a league title with three league titles in Buffalo before being 25 years old. as the traumatic events and seasons are going up. One of the Boston Celtics clerks in Red Auerbach, once, told The New York Times: "Bob is worried about personal gains against the team's success."

Celtic, Detroit Pistons and New Jersey Nets led McAdoo to Lakers – only Jim Brewer, Mark Landsberger and finally Kurt Rambis to come up with the most expensive 1975 title title.

"But I talked to him," McAdoo said, "because there was never a group of champions." I've never been so bad or something like that, I'm not happy, but what can I do? I've been upset for four years, but I have been dealing with them, I never said it, but I was disappointed with the whole deal. "

During the 1982 's first time, Lakers, McAdoo, was quoted by the Washington Post newspaper saying: "That's one thing I do not have … whatever I need … do it. " While continuously shouting in his own language and speaking about these frustrating years after the fact, McAdoo has pointed out the only brain that has not won the Golden Ball award for his life, but also took it the dancers of the game to look at his career and appreciate that Anthony has just got a world stage.

Olympiad Olympic Melo has won the role he played in helping USAA. Basketball will win gold in 2008, 2012 and 2016, but must be good on N.B.A. like the Eighties McAdoo team if he hopes to really change his inheritance.

Making Rockets & # 39; 1-5 begins with Anthony, your brain, would be unfair. In the beginning, there was no evidence that he would reject what D 'Antoni asked him to do. In addition, Chris Paul missed two games because of suspension, while James Harden remains sidelined with a hamstring injury which is the biggest ever injury in Houston. After losing left-back Trevor Ariza, as well as the advice from the new defense defender Jeff Bzdelik, Houston is in the 27th-minute defensive line when the defensive midfielder Antoni arrived Tuesday morning .

The fact that Rockets are allowing nearly 17 points to 100 people in possession of Anthony Land is only a defect in the view that Melo is attracting. Ditto is the fact that the best attack in Anthony – 24 points Sunday at Los Angeles Clippers – came after he returned to Harden.

Talking to McAdoo, however, made me feel as if we were aware of it all outside and did not decrease the weight of the test. It's something you are thinking of, at least, if the player is always ready to let Melo tell his plans.

"It is worth it," he said. "But still, look back, I think I would be even better off starting. You tell all kinds of things like that in your mind."

Although shared by Riley, McAdoo said he had taken over as much as he had been working on in Miami – after demonstrating a sensational style in the 1970s before Kevin Durant stopped the game.

"He knows," McAdoo said with a whirlwind. "We talked about that, he knows I would like to come back from the bench."