Ilana Glazer Event at Synagogue is canceled after anti-Semitic writings

A magnificent event at Brooklyn Brooklyn in Brooklyn, presented by the comic book Ilana Glazer, was canceled on Thursday night after the charts, including "Jew Jewels Rats," were discovered at the temple walls, the police and the authorities. said the sunagoga.

On the occasion of the Brooklyn Bridge in the Parkway Building in the Building Construction Building it was necessary to include a meeting and feedback. Ms. Glazer, Broad City, is scheduled to interview radio station Amy Goodman and two nominees for the New York Senate, Jim Gaughran and Andrew Gounardes.

But after 8 hours, Ms. Glazer announced the event that it was canceled because the text, written in a black sign, was found in various locations within the temple, built in 1929.

Operation Police Department police officers investigate the incident, police said. Other words on the walls in various places in the synagogue in include: "Here we are," "Hitler," The Jews are better, "and" Finish now, "said the police.

There are security cameras in the synagogue, but it is unclear whether they have registered anyone who hates messages, according to a police officer.