I'm going to focus on the Bajrang preparation of the Olympic Games: Yogeshwar Dutt

Gohana: Yogeshwar Dutt said it was not a tough decision to leave his weight since he made bajrang in Punjia, which he thought would continue to become the first Indian to win the Olympic gold .

Yogeshwar is the only Third Tournament to win a gold medal in 2012 bronze medal in London after KD Jadhav and Sushil Kumar.

To win his career, Yogeshwar also won gold medal at Commonwealth Games and Asia in 2014.
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The Horyana Football Association, which celebrated its 35th anniversary today, said it is focusing on the preparation of Bajrang 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
"It's important for Bajrang to prepare and support the gold medal, but it's okay, it can not win in 2020, so it's better and I'm helping Bajrang, it's going to be a tough competition in Tokyo," Yogeshwar told the PTI.

"I have a good profession, we have played four Olympic games and we are in our second line, Bajrang is good and good, so it's important to give this opportunity and support," said Yogeshwar, who also tartkaya category 65kg, which Bajrang has emerged as a force.

But it was not a decision & # 39; looga not easy to leave the game?

"If it is not Bajrang, I will not stop the grass, I have a lot of competition, maybe the team could raise, but I thought, it's right, it's just 24 years old, I want to Indigenous people now watching Yogeshwar Bajrang now, I've had a long career, and I do not want Bajrang to be affected, "said Waseshwar.

"He has been with him for a long time, he has been very difficult and I want him to be better."

He was a very convincing goal for Yogeshwar, but not winning the FIFA World Cup is just sad.

"I have a world class, and I thought I was going to win Budapest this year, but I thought Bajrang was in a good shape, respectable that I could not come back, I won it." long-term competition that is not designed to be the best, "he said.

Yogeshwar said since Bajrang and Bajrang were competing for 65kg, it is possible to move to the weight category.

"I would have tried 70kg but then there would be plenty of opportunities, never played 70kg."

Speaking of Bajrang's Worlds final in Budapest, Yogeshwar said he needed to file his defense.

"His reputation has improved, but he is missing since his childhood, it takes time, we are in, the loss of the final of the world is painful, first, he needs to make sure that he does not oppose leg. Even if he has, the defender should be the one that has not lost the points that have lost the position, "he said.

Yogeshwar said his personal ambition, apart from Bajrang, is to produce Goha's academic titles.

"I want the football players to be my academy to become a global club, I do not have government support, but JSW will help us, they will help us with our 15s," he said.

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