Improved Restoration Tournament

Betterly integrate the natural surrounding area of ​​Guatemala City to try to erase the corners of the inner and outer shapes of the structure of the 415 square meter construction.

See the front of the building

The person responsible for the project, Alejandro Paz, part of the construction company Paz Arquitectura, was ordered to work and renovate the former building built in 1985 – consisting of a small room with a few small boards in many parts – the form of work. The official building had a triangular shape which allowed the way to fly to the hill. Khat has had a small community, kitchen, and upper room.

Side effects of housing
Great terrace with forest views
Access points
Access points
Interior circular walls
A large restaurant with a kitchen
Open outer cover

30 years after being built, owners have sought to increase the availability of formal sites with models in their modern lifestyle. The camel surrounded by the original cameras grew, and the trees were in an important area around the entire project. The design strategy was made up of the original room, since the sense of position, the risk and the design of the structure of the structure. Due to the need for a community space and bedroom only, two separate units are out of each of the official rooms.

Night vision of snow
Outdoor review