In GTA it will create new offices in England for the gaming company BossAlien

A quiet and convenient street in downtown Brighton, England, GTA Interior Designers has created a new office space for the company's leading video game development company BossAlien.

The renovation of the old offices of the company was triggered by a sudden procurement of a strange new contract. While the new system would ensure that it would bring the company even greater success and opportunity than it once did, it also needed a better and more efficient workplace than the existing office space for staff and developers. Executives have decided that there is no time like the present to make meaningful improvements if it means simultaneously improving the quality and quantity of work they can produce for their customers.

BossAlien was contracted to produce a fun & attractive new mobile platform for a large mobile company. In light of this, the decision has been made to use the project as a great opportunity to build a new workplace that effectively reflects its brand and its core, while still maintaining value. the company's core in the front row.

The description of the company's goals given to design teams was that they intended to create a "home away from home" for their employees, who sometimes spend many hours in the office with the goal of producing high quality games that they really loved. Executives like BossAlien firmly believe their teams deserve the best of their comeback from their hard work, so they wanted to make sure their offices lived up to that standard as well.

The result was a very creative & # 39; ad environment that we can really refer to as fun, though not a workplace! After all, the company is embedded in industries that enjoy work that only makes sense. The environment is dynamic and productive, but also provides residence, a home environment for looga groups and visitors alike to feel calm.

The new office has all three floors, giving the company more room to work with than its predecessors. While they wanted to fully utilize all three floors, the managers and design teams wanted to make sure that the flow of energy, information, and movement did not feel left in the middle of the floor, or the employees who work there.

To combat the issue of shipbuilding and distribution, designers have proposed moving the second floor specifically to the collaborative floor. They wanted to make it a place where employees of the other two disciplines focused on meeting, working together, exchanging, and exchanging ideas in a much more cohesive and interactive way than development offices.

The co-working space includes a large meeting place and an open kitchen and rest room available to all employees, no matter where or how they work. It also features a folding couch structure that creates a separate convertible space that looks after the typical city halls. These positions encourage employees of all large offices to meet here, establishing them as the center of excellence in knowledge and performance.

The work ethic of the company was not the only thing that designers wanted to present and respect within their design. They also took these new offices with the opportunity to unite the unique site of the company, the creative community that calls the city of Brighton the home.

The new position reflects Brighton in many ways. Details of decoration from wood lamps to ceramic art & # 39; they reflect the handiwork of local designers and artists. Even the relaxing space adds local culture to the right of the office because it serves local beer and coffee, which benefits & nurtures and supports other businesses in the area.

It is probably the best showcase of local art and culture, however, and it is the glamor of the magnificent mirrors on the second floor. These eye-catching pieces were designed and painted by street artists Brighton Snub23 and Will Blood. Each piece of artwork extends into many pieces of wall and supports. Both are part of a range of works of art designed specifically for outdoor spaces.

Sounds, colors, and textures are all a combination of modernity and natural beauty. Industry effects can be found in exposed roof systems and multi-product designs, while the flexible nature of raw and black wood can be found in the exchange and support details. Sounds warm and roogaal image has been added to provide further credit exciting and compare to other forms of decoration.

Private seating opportunities and individual work or rest areas contribute to the overall idea of ​​making the space feel like a home away from home. Desktop chairs can add a touch of play, for example, reflecting on the exciting environment of the company and what it does.

The photos were taken by Photo Gallery Products