In Montreal, Montreal, the home of L. McComber has been re-established for a few years with small children and increasing

In the Ville-Saint-Laurent City of Montreal, Canada, modern designers L. McComber has recently renewed a major renovation of Tudor homes called La Cardinale, who have lived back in their lives for many years of interest and grooming.

Originally built in the 1950s, the home was a long time home for young families with many children. It has fallen into a number of techniques that have not been renovated in the first home, the mainstream, the outer light outside the outer surface of the lid and causing the duration of the compound. When their latest children grow and start living somewhere else, goats have been formed to give them a new look.

From the beginning, efforts have been made to protect some Tudor playwrights originally. The foundation, renewal and facial is necessary, but the artwork is inaccessible, and already suited, so it is agreed that it will be maintained despite the other structural and physiological changes that are happening in other areas.

First, a few extra excursions were removed from the sun's blockade entirely from the back of the house. The new money has been rebuilt, but they have been actively involved in some parts of the main building, instead of missing the back of the sun and the lost yard.

Requirements are considered in this way; The basic elements such as machine tools, rocks, and red beard are kept, but a black mirror with dark glasses near the windows and metal boxes were added to improve the performance or energy efficiency. It is a good way to rebuild the walls of other places, creating a more emotional sense of focus on the front face. In some areas, modern smartphones are personalized.

In the interior, the new extension has been able to design drawers to build an open, open long-distance perspective, which has long been their home and has created many blocks. This topic goes on well, as well as a dark black new appliance in the right-hand kitchen when the open doors are open.

Although the most important areas of the area and the fences create a free and open-floor flats, some of the space schedules are still in place, so the home feels emotionally and in shape. The large island island, for example; it points to changes in the room to the room without stopping talking and socializing.

Between the two floors of the house, an unnecessary space is opened to create a two-dimensional space above the living and community settings. This makes the whole home feel open, but without losing confidentiality close to the area. Instead of being fully locked, a side-by-side side of the two lengths leads to the bedroom and toilet.

This path is an experience that is being followed because it has been fully opened, making it a destination to reach the deepest, relaxing bath. One side of the road looks for the owners to see the surface of the windows with large white windows. On the other hand, they find it falling down on the key areas of the community.

Although the beautifully decorated and beautifully decorated structure of the interior, internal interior now looks very simple and beautifully looking for color and unity. It is clean, a large white palette is pretty low but beautiful, as beautifully decorated, floors, papers, and other details provide a warm feeling thanks to the layout of the layer. Modern logical sensuality comes from the black and white glass of the table and the toilet.

Images from Raphael Thibodeau