In the First Month of the Month: "Muppet Aspire"

For a long time, the person Gritty has escaped from the goals created. Left actors made it It is a social action and the heroic hero: the blue horn, from market marketing, on behalf of workers against the constraints of the capital.

Enav Emmanuel, a member of the Philly Socialist group, said the left was said to be Gritty's right-wing right-wing patio, Pepe, Kurbo, who became a symbol of hatred during the 2016 election. .

But Emmanuel, who claims to be anonymous, said Gritty was less than consulted over the weight and many left-wing activists identified as psychological, curiosity and maniacal. "It's about people who like to reach the borders," she said. "But at the same time it can involve serious and serious hazards."

As of early October, supporters and supporters of his left-wing audience include topics such as the Wall Street Journal in the dispute about the controversial dispute over the support.

Michael Goldman, a professor of sports at the University of San Francisco, said that Gritty's life outside hockey seemed a sign of a tense political atmosphere. "The idea is to take over," he said. "People are trying to show any signs they are able to reinforce their identity."

The fans have long read their hopes and beliefs about the fantasy actors, as did Bert and Ernie as "Codame Street" for decades. "We are living in the sense that people have been captured by the leaders – not that Gritty is a leader, but he can have it," said Dan Rascher, who is also a professor of sports at the University of San Francisco.

Unlike Nike's attempts to acquire Colin Kaepernick, a race that has led to racism and police abuse, Gritty's creation has no political calculations, Ms. Schwab, executive director of Flyers. "I do not know his left hand," she said.