In today’s new era, new society, coal miners are the cutest

The name of the miner is mentioned, people’s minds will think of hard and tired, dark and damp working environment, tattered overalls, full of coal ash, all day in the dark underground Fighting with nature and dancing with the god of death is a true portrayal of coal miners.

In today’s new era, new Society, coal miners are the cutest

“Coal blackspot” is a nickname for coal miners. This title is true. But what it contains is derogatory. The miner industry is a kind of work that people can’t look down on. It is synonymous with danger and is a hard-working business.

As long as there are other mines in the 100-meter mine, you can’t get rid of manual labor, and equipment must be operated by people. In the harsh environment, the roof is drenched and the roof is broken. It is a common phenomenon in production. When the raincoat is put on, the sweat can’t come out, it gets wet, and the action is not flexible. When the raincoat is not worn, the water droplets on the top are ticking. The answer falls on the body, and eventually it is still wet. It is in the low temperature of about 10° for a long time. Even if it is wearing a cotton coat, it will freeze and tremble when it stops.

The horizontal elevation of some mines is several hundred meters below sea level, the temperature in the underground is kept at more than 30 degrees throughout the year, and most of these mines are accompanied by abundant groundwater. Workers can only wear vests and shorts. Work underground. Sweat and slime are all over the body. Although the working environment is hot, the labor intensity is still heavy and arduous. Working in such an environment all the year round, not to mention the disadvantages of physical and mental health, that is, the life of these miners will be greatly discounted.> The working environment of coal miners is bad, and the workload is also amazing. Handling large parts in tight spaces, overloading in low-lying environments, sometimes because of the narrow space, workers have to kneel or sit and work. At the same time, you should always pay attention to the surrounding environment while working, and you can do your homework on the premise of ensuring your own safety and the safety of others. A class is basically no time to rest, it is really true. Full load. Coal dust is one of the main disasters in the mine, and it is a serious aggressor’s physical health. When the coal mining face cuts coal and the working face enters the rice, the coal dust that is spread in the roadway is breathable. Although there are dust masks, although there are dust curtains, their efficiency and effect are limited. One, the class, the workers are covered with coal ash, only the eyeballs and teeth can see white.

In today's new era, new society, coal miners Talent is the cutest

Working in such an environment for a long time, the accumulation of coal dust will be difficult to discharge in the human lungs, and as the accumulation of sediment increases, The lung function of human beings will gradually weaken. Due to the inhalation of a large amount of dust in the lungs, the lung tissue is continuously fibrotic, which leads to systemic diseases. Chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath, cough, general weakness, severe people will lose their ability to work, even in the worst case, they can’t even lie down, even sleeping, they have to take a squatting posture, the final outcome is lung failure Difficulty breathing and dying, its shape is terrible, it is unbearable! This is the most typical occupational disease in coal mining enterprises: pneumoconiosis

The work clothes of coal miners are the dirtiest, most broken and most common in all industries, from head to toe, from inside to outside, everywhere. Coal dust, when starting work every day, all the clothes including underwear should be replaced, put on the thick cotton coat with sweat smell, then put on heavy insulation boots, bring a helmet, this body The bulky line is full of more than ten kilograms. It is sweating when it comes to work. It is cold when it is stopped. Because it is often sweaty, sweat and dust hang a thick layer of pulp on the clothes, and it is stiff and warm on the body. The effect diminishes with the extension of time. Except for underwear, the underwear is often changed, and other clothes are thrown in one time.

“I eat the rice in the sun, and the dryness is the living in the underworld.” This is a sentence often hangs on the mouth of coal miners. Although there are complaints, it is more helpless. Working in the sun without the sun every day, breathing in the fresh air, can not rest according to the normal human biological rhythm, especially in the night shift, most workers have the feeling of drowsiness and tiredness, sleepiness and fatigue are The enemy of safety, although there is time to rest before going to work, but due to the time period, the efficiency of rest is greatly reduced, then the only way to solve the problem of sleepiness is to keep working.

The coal miners’ meal is the simplest and most unsanitary. In the dark and humid environment, the air is filled with dust and harmful gases. It is also unique to the coal industry. Simply wash your hands with the water from the coal wall and eat the food that you bring with your body to keep warm. Most of the foods are oil cakes, shortbread, and scones, because these foods are easy to carry and suitable. Cold food, when thirsty, drink the water from the coal wall. Workers call it mineral water. Some people say that the stomach of coal miners is made of steel, but the sourness and bitterness of the workers is something that ordinary people can’t understand.

Because the working environment of coal miners is very dirty, thorough cleaning is required after each class, but due to long-term physical labor, plus coal dust and dirt Erosion, the workers’ hands are thick and thick, so When washing your hands, use a hard-brown brush to wash out the dirt in the palm of your hand., the black hair is healthy, because Every day the cleaning becomes as dry and dry as the deserted grass, and it is dull. As we all know, the best hair conditioner is the oil secreted in our own hair, but because it is cleaned every day, it is eroded by coal dust and dirt every day. To nourish the role of hair, and those cheap shampoo and hair care products are also pale and weak in coal miners.

The coal mine is a high-risk industry. Accidents are inevitable. Accidents are accidental. Workers are in the environment of four stones and a piece of meat every day, dealing with steel equipment every day, everywhere. It is a large-scale equipment and components. Here, only the flesh and blood of the human body is the most vulnerable, and personal injury or death may occur if you are careless. Although there are public medical insurance and insurance, although there is accidental injury insurance, once there is a big problem, your identity will immediately change from the pillar of the family to the burden of the family. Those wounds that can be cured can return to work after recovery. Posts, but those workers who can’t be cured and leave a permanent disability can only stay at home to enjoy the meager injury and pay for the day, but also to take long-term care of their families, accompanied by only long-term pain and The wounds of the mind…

Life is precious, but in the coal industry, a large number of miners are killed every year, gas overruns, gas explosions, coal dust explosions, permeable, roof accidents, Accidents such as fires threaten the life and safety of miners all the time.

In today's new era, new society, coal miners Talent is the cutest

I have participated in a gas explosion rescue work for 52 people. The rescue time lasted for 18 days. Most of the miners who died died. When a worker’s body was lifted over my eyes, the scene was terrible, some of the bodies were incompletely damaged, and some were attacked by powerful shock waves. The miners who were searched and rescued in the last few days have been highly corrupted. The entire roadway is filled with the unpleasant smell of carrion. For these distressed miners, only by looking at the documents in their pockets, they can identify their identity and look at these once fresh. Living life, looking at the sad and helpless face of the family members of the miners, listening to the tears of the heartbreaking miners’ wives and children, the feelings in the heart, in addition to sympathy, pain, shock and shock, the most is helpless.

Since you have chosen this industry, you are destined to put everything in your place here. This is the blood of your youth, your own life, the worry of your family. , as long as you go home late every day, you should call your family right away, so that your parents and your wife are not worried about yourself. The miner’s wife is most afraid of her husband’s late return to work, as if he is late and is doomed to be dangerous. Occurred, a vigilant nerve is always in a high degree of vigilance, this is the miner’s wife, and only the miner’s wife will suffer such a torment.

The coal miners are hardworking and honest. The coal miners are kind and lovely. They don’t ask for too much, and they don’t have too many demands. They just want to be able to earn money safely. Feeding parents and children. Some people say that coal miners are covered in black, but their hearts are not black, they help each other in their work, and they care for each other in life.

Some people say that coal miners have simple limbs and simple minds, but I say that coal miners are honest and simple, and they apply their hard work and wisdom to their work. The coal miners are most dedicated, and their pay and return are disproportionate. While sacrificing the sunshine and fresh air they should enjoy, they enjoy a modest treatment but create in the dark. The driving force and light to push the society forward…

Friends, when you are in the bustling streets where the lights are shining, when you stroll in the leisure square of the neon flashing lights, when you are Warm and comfortable warm living room, have you ever thought of the coal miners who work hard in the depths of 100 meters? Although they work deep in the dark and cold formations, although they still live at the bottom of society, they are dedicated to the light and warmth, then I want to say: “In the new era, new Society, coal miners are the cutest…