Indiscipline will not be played during the WC: Hokey coach of Pakistan Hassan Sardar

New Delhi: Pakistan coach Hassan Sardar has warned his players, saying they will not be tolerated during the World Cup in India.

Pakistan's players are ready to play for the first time since they took the World Cup in the Champions League, having their jerseys, and they have made bad moves after winning the semi-finals of India.

The FIH suspended two players, Muhammad Toussiq and Ali Amjad while the Shafaqat was denied.
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Hockey India has ruled out the future events of the Hockey India League (HIL) after the incident.
"It is politically important and I have told the players that it's going to happen right away if every incident happens, I hope their behavior will be for example at this time," Sardar told PTI Bhasha in an interview with Karachi.

"I have been told that the players are upset by the viewers and I do not do that, I'm sure my players will not return and they'll be remembering their performances, in 2014 and we recall the game when we beat India and Netherlands, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and 1982 in Asiad.

Sardar, who scored the hat-trick in a 7-1 win over Pakistan in the Asian Games in 1986, said his experience of playing in India was unusual.

"I have a great memory to play in India. We beat India in the 1982 Asian final but the next day when we were shopping, it was not just a shop for money, we got a lot of love in India and the Cricketers and the hockey players they will stick to Pakistan, and we must continue this love and respect for both sides, "he said.

India and Pakistan have been named as the winner of the Asian Football Confederation of the Year after the final round of heavy rainfall. There were reports from Hassan who claimed that Pakistan was ready to play but India denied it.

When asked about this, he said his side wants to play the final but never accused India.

"It's not like that, we'd say we wanted to play the final in India, and I'm sure Indians would be the same, every player in the world would like to see the finals like this, but in fact the game is not possible in these circumstances, "said the former captain.

Sardar said India is one of the favorites, while Pakistan also has the ability to end the World Cup.

"The proposal is good and they have reached the Champions League final, they are playing their home with a lot of changes, they work in Bhubaneshwar and they will also help," he said.

"We have a solid pool to play in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Germany, and we want to join Germany and not play international football next year, we beat Malaysia, we can beat the Netherlands on that day," the coach said.

He also called for a revival of Hockey Hockey in the two corners.

"It will be good for both countries and the sport itself, they will generate interest in the game, and the new quality can be seen," he said.

| Edited by: Suyash Upadhyaya