Insurance basic knowledge – insurance awareness

insurance basics - insurance awareness

1, What is insurance?

Insurance is a financial tool that can help solve three things in our lives: big things (accidents, serious illnesses), Small things (accident outpatient, general illness hospitalization), nothing (education, pension, wealth inheritance).

insurance basics - insurance awareness

2, why is it insured?

We insure according to the problems we need to solve. The insurance solution solves the problem of risk protection or the function of compulsory savings and special funds; it is not a high-yield problem, and we do not expect too much income. Buying insurance is a long-term behavior. It is necessary to pay each period of insurance premium according to the contract. If the loss of surrender is very large, it is necessary to match the insurance amount and premium according to your actual situation.

insurance basics - insurance awareness

3, how to choose insurance?

In order to avoid claims disputes, we must be clear about what to insure (insurance liability in insurance) and what to protect (responsibility exemption). For example, the routine exemption of medical insurance has a history of past, congenital diseases, cosmetic surgery, treatment of myopia, childbirth, etc., which can not be paid; there is no insurance for driving, drunk driving, etc.; If there is no additional medical insurance, the hospital will not pay, only buy accident insurance, and do not buy accidental hospitalization insurance, then the cost of hospitalization due to accidents will not be paid.

In short, when you need to choose an insurance policy, you should choose a “insurance” that suits you in your own situation.