Insurance is actually “insurance”

Insurance is actually “insurance”

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In today’s society, many people still have some misunderstandings about insurance. Some people think that the risks guaranteed by insurance are out of reach, and there is no need to spend money to buy insurance for the risk of very low probability; others do not recognize the type of insurance.

There are many reasons for misunderstanding. Many people bought insurance in the early stage and did not use it in the later stage. Some people think that the insurance purchased has not reached the expected benefit of the heart, so that the insurance is not reliable, and the insurance cannot guarantee the personal risk and reach the conclusion of wealth appreciation.

But in contrast to those insurance purchasers who have been inadvertently suffering from bad luck, they are not only fortunate for the insurance purchases, but also the typical survivors. Deviation – People tend to acquire and believe in some of the facts they are willing to accept, thus ignoring the key information that has been screened out. The key message is whether insurance is really “insurance”.

Therefore, some people said that the insurance proposed is actually not insured. We can be sure that insurance is actually “insurance”. The reason why it is so confident is that insurance is essentially a social one. The risk response mechanism, its subtlety lies in one of the people. Assuming that 1000 people each paid 10 yuan, then there was an accident in the inside. Everyone used the accumulated 10,000 yuan to help him through the storm. Isn’t this a wonderful thing? Insurance is actually a manifestation of people’s shared risks. Although it cannot directly create GDP output value, it will make society more fair to a certain extent – fairness between those who suffer from dooms and those who do not.

In real life, people who suddenly suffer from major illnesses are not uncommon. There are countless families who can’t get the cost of hundreds of thousands of treatments, and because the treatment costs of their loved ones are almost desperate children. More people are there. If you are not in a timely manner when you are in trouble, you may have to sell a house or even borrow money to maintain treatment. However, it is still unclear whether you can survive the subsequent difficulties.

The so-called risk is not chosen, the rich and the poor are sick. For ourselves, for the family, for the people we love, we still have to choose the right insurance as soon as possible to protect the security. I hope that more people will doubt the insurance security, but they can think more about insurance protection in order to avoid risks and have a better life and future.