Insurance is not guaranteed

Insurance is the most effective financial tool used by the public today to avoid risks. There is no longer a tool to effectively transfer the various risks that may be encountered in life than using a small amount of income. Insurance is to keep the money we have earned in our pockets and keep our ability to make money. When making money, we save a small amount of insurance every year. When we can’t make money, let insurance work for us to make money. An An Lianben is own, and if the risk is an insurance company. (The premise is that you have used at least 10% of your income to make a corresponding risk transfer plan for yourself and your family or property.) There is no good or bad insurance, and only the right one is not suitable for you. The insurance industry is now more and more standardized. Insurance products are becoming more and more humanized, and insurance practitioners are becoming more and more specialized. Therefore, it is recommended that customers should carefully select and understand the products when purchasing insurance. They should also have a certain understanding of the agents. Read the terms and conditions (generally, there are ten days of hesitation from the receipt of the contract. The ten days have full time for the customers. Look at the terms of the contract, if you don’t understand it during this period, you can consult the agent). The professional agent will give the client a contract when sending the contract, and will highlight the key parts and let the customer see it. Knowing the type of households you are insuring, what you are protecting, and what you are not guaranteeing will tell your customers clearly. If you feel that the contract does not match the original content of the agent, the customer can choose to surrender, during which the customer has no loss. Of course, if the customer withdraws after the hesitation period, there will be a certain loss. This is called a breach of contract (contracting to the contract), and the breach will result in corresponding losses. This is also like the customer has gone through the observation period, the company must Pay according to the amount of insurance agreed upon in the contract. Insurance is a must for life. Everyone should have a certain guarantee. If there is a small guarantee, it will really make our future life worry-free. I hope that you will have comprehensive protection as soon as possible.