Insurance Open Class: Insurance E-Commerce (Cloud) Development

E-commerce cloud (Cloude-commerce) refers to e-commerce platform services based on cloud computing business model applications. On the cloud platform, all e-commerce providers, agents, planners, producers, industry associations, management agencies, industry media, legal structures, etc. are all integrated into the resource pool, and each resource displays and interacts with each other. Need to communicate and achieve intentions, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency.

 Insurance Open Class: Insurance e-commerce (cloud) development

At the end of 2008, a well-known domestic e-commerce company Alibaba proposes to build an e-commerce cloud and integrate the business resources it occupies into the cloud, not only providing users with computing, storage and network services for renting clouds, but also providing various e-commerce services suitable for domestic users.

Nature, the emergence of e-commerce clouds quickly collided with the insurance industry. The rise of e-commerce cloud not only expands the sales channels of the insurance industry, but also helps small and medium-sized insurance (intermediary) companies to achieve Internetization, and accelerates the development of the Internet in the insurance industry.

Insurance Mall and E-Commerce Cloud

The insurance mall is the first area in China to be affected by insurance technology, and it has also been favored by the capital market in the early years. Business model. The penetration of insurance technology into the sales platform makes the insurance sales market more efficient and more transparent. The first contact insurance market insurance is auto insurance, aviation insurance, freight insurance, and then developed into financial insurance, now mature life insurance and health insurance. The e-commerce sales platforms that are relatively successful in the insurance industry are:,, Dabaobao, and Xiaoyubao.

 Insurance Open Class: Insurance e-commerce (cloud) development

In the insurance store model, insurance company It can be deeply integrated with suppliers to make full use of its technological advantages and customer resources to jointly build an insurance e-commerce cloud platform and provide products and services to customers. Creating an insurance e-commerce cloud will greatly help the insurance industry to open up new sales channels and create a win-win situation.

Evolution of insurance e-commerce model

In recent years, 2C consumer buying habits have moved from offline to online, from PC to mobile Internet. The display form of insurance products has also experienced the evolution from the PC-side webpage, the mobile app, the WeChat public account-based micro-mall, H5 and the e-commerce small program that ushered in the development of spurt in 2018.

 Insurance Open Class: Insurance e-commerce (cloud) development

At the same time, Internet insurance (intermediary) The company’s exhibition industry model has also experienced the evolution of the network sales era, online sales era, precision marketing era and other models. The era of online sales has arisen in the initial stage of insurance e-commerce, and users have not formed accurate habits by purchasing insurance through the Internet. The insurance company collects customer information through the Internet and guides customers to consume online. If there is a breakpoint in the consumer behavior, the phone will be sold again to achieve the purchase. With the popularity of online shopping and the cultivation of consumer insurance awareness and online consumption methods, online insurance has entered a mature stage, and telephone sales have gradually withdrawn from the historical stage.

In recent years, the insurance industry has gradually changed its marketing strategy and started to take the data-driven, product-centric, channel-focused, self-media + Internet + mobile terminal model. In addition, the traditional agent sales model of the insurance industry is also Internetized, which is derived from the mode of sharing prizes and secondary distribution.

 Insurance Open Class: Insurance E-Commerce (Cloud) Development

Insurance E-Commerce Function Module

The evolution of marketing forms puts new demands on the IT construction of insurance (intermediary) companies. On the one hand, insurance (intermediary) companies must build a strong core system, sales management system, and network marketing system. The customer service center and other systems are used to realize the online sales and intelligentization of insurance sales and services. On the other hand, the precision marketing model also poses new challenges to the data storage, organization and research of insurance (intermediary) companies.

 Insurance Open Class: Insurance e-commerce (cloud) development

Although, insurance (intermediary) company line Upgrading, intelligent requirements for IT system construction are very high, but the sales platform of insurance (intermediary) companies focusing on 2C consumer insurance products sales has been perfected, including membership points management, event operation functions, friends. Invite sharing, secondary distribution system management and other functions.

The mature insurance e-commerce platform mainly includes the following functional modules:

Product Module

Products Classification, product type, multi-screen product management, product smoothing and unloading, product rate dynamic measurement and so on.

Recommended for insurance programs

Recommend products that best meet the needs of users.

Distribution & Awards

Membership invitations, friend registrations, friend sharing, etc. Members can check the promotion fees and withdraw them at any time.

User Management

Multi-screen User Management View user orders, user points and shipping addresses, orders, and more.

Statistics Report

Sales, sells, and sells products by region, company, product, and more.

The above features, from the perspective of insurance companies, professional intermediaries:

Insurance Open Class: Insurance E-Commerce (Cloud) Development

These features are displayed to the user, mainly including:

Mall Home

Subject type, ad recommendation, product recommendation

Product details

Policy details, purchase instructions, product sharing

Choose Orders

Policy Payment, Underwriting, Premium Calculation

Policy Details

Insurance information, policy details, policy printing

User Center

Promotion fees, policy inquiries, withdrawals, renewals.

The view from the user’s perspective is as follows:

insurance open class: insurance e-commerce (cloud) development


The development of e-commerce in the insurance industry is in line with the trend and background of the insurance industry’s upgrade to the mobile Internet industry. The development of mobile Internet in the insurance industry has improved the consumer experience of purchasing insurance products.