Internet destination Internet + not going out?

Now that we have entered the era of ‘Internet +’, the virtual society of the Internet can carry any industry, provided that the law allows it. As the Internet + era grows and develops, the end result will be that ‘all industries allowed by law in the real world will be copied into the virtual society.

If you use Internet+ to describe this end result, Xiaobian calls it “Internet + not going out.” And now the basic needs of the public can already do this. Xiaobian simple explanation:

Internet destination internet + no Going out?

1. The Internet has been implemented + not going out

1, Internet+clothes

Clothes include many, such as clothes Pants, shoes, hats, jewelry, etc. are also included, e-commerce platform has a variety of clothing for us to choose. Just turn on the computer and choose your favorite online payment, the clothes will be sent to us automatically, and it is not suitable for return.

There is also a platform where you may have very little contact. In fact, laundry also has online shopping service, which is Internet + laundry. After choosing the time to pay, the service staff will pick up the clothes and will deliver them to you on time. At the door of the house. It’s just that such services are not too common, so some netizens know very little about them.

2, Internet + food

Small series expands food to all things that can be eaten, take-away service is well known, and some supermarkets already provide home delivery service, of course The coverage area is small and a certain amount is required.

These are dishes made by the restaurant. If you are not at ease, you want to cook yourself! Internet + farmer’s market, you can order food online, but for now, this is not yet on-site service, you need to use the order number to the market, of course, you can also take it for others, as long as there is an order number.

3, Internet + live

Large to star-rated hotels, small to rent a room can be booked online, of course, this is just a short stay for a few days. If you live for a long time, you can go to the rental platform to find your favorite location and layout, but Xiaobian recommends staying for a long time, or you need to go to the field to check.

For the problem of living, the national public security system is also using the Internet to record, which houses are renting, information about tenants and homeowners, etc., to facilitate public security investigations to understand the floating population, community security and other issues.

4, Internet + line

Network booking, shuttle, car, etc. are well known, Xiaobian does not say much.

There is also an errands service that can even make you go out a few times.

Internet destination internet + not going out?

Second, the future of the Internet + do not go out

The above small series has introduced some industries that are still small in coverage, but in the future these services will cover the whole country, then It’s just that you can’t really go out.

Of course, this is only a few popular areas for food, clothing, housing and transportation. There are still many fields and industries that are moving closer to ‘Internet +’, making the industry in the virtual society as rich and colorful as it is in the real world. Make the limits of the two overlap.

In fact, the Internet+ era is the act of letting the Internet replace people, but don’t forget another technological “machine” that can replace people’s actions. Foreign countries have been studying to let machines replace human beings to complete work and life. And has achieved little success.

If the Internet and the machine have developed to a high-end level, and then combine it to form the Internet + machine, then it is really realized that the Internet + does not go out.

Internet destination internet + not going out?

Why does Xiaobian say this?

In fact, the errands service has achieved the goal of “no going out” in most cases, and the errand service is based on the transfer of time and physical strength. The time it takes for the customer to transfer the physical strength to the service personnel, The physical strength of the human race is still conserved. And if the Internet + machine is popularized, it is equivalent to passing it on to the machine, breaking the conservation of the human race, and Xiao Bian thinks that this is the real meaning of not going out.

For example, some people in foreign countries are now studying drones for take-out, although they may be conserved in time, because they need time to control, but the conservation of physical strength has been broken.

And if you finally reach this state, there are also some drawbacks, such as constantly accelerating people’s life rhythm, spiritual emptiness and psychological pressure.

Maybe some netizens will refute Xiaobian and think that the Internet+ not going out should make our leisure time more. However, Xiao Bian believes that the pace of life rhythm lies in the strength of competition. The Internet makes us have more time to know.

But looking at it from a different angle, there will be many people who use these original pieces of time to learn and work and improve their competitiveness. And when this type of competitive person becomes more, competition will become more intense, thus accelerating people’s life rhythm.

And the company will increase its workload according to the high efficiency of the Internet, such as accounting, it takes a day to use the abacus, but now with a mobile computer, it only gives you a few minutes to calculate, and will let you calculate More detailed and diverse.

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