“+Internet” VS “Internet +” subverts the market

If the characteristics of the Internet can only be used in four words, it is “user first”. Many people come up and say how I make money on the Internet. From my point of view, I don’t love money, I love money as much as you, because no money is impossible. But on the Internet, when you want to make money at the beginning, you want to get customers, you may not have users, then other Internet things are free. So, you have to think about whether you have a “customer relationship” or a “user relationship.”

From the perspective of the development of the Internet industry, there are generally only two competitors in each segment. Under the current market development pattern, two competitors have come together. From a business perspective, it does save a lot of competition for each segment. However, in my opinion, today’s integration tide has indeed made it possible for two Internet companies that have been hit hard by the hot group to take a chance to recuperate in a short period of time, but it is difficult to avoid the emergence of new competitors, and only time. problem.

“+Internet” VS “Internet+”

Many traditional industries today, including many people, are hoping to combine traditional industries with the Internet and talk about “Internet +” . What exactly is “Internet +”? There are two kinds of understanding: one is called “+Internet” and the other is called “Internet+”.


“+Internet” is the Internet. For example, if you used to sell big cakes, now you not only sell them online, but also sell them online, or you can make a big wave of beautiful girls and give people a big cake (so-called O2O). These are all using the Internet. Is “traditional enterprise + internet”.

In other words, these practices do not change the nature of an industry or product, but use the Internet to make it more effective.

“Internet +”

“Internet +” is a business model that combines the user’s experience with the product. It is the philosophy of the Internet, the thinking of the Internet to guide a product or a traditional industry how to make a product, change its product experience, change the way it sees users, change its connection with users, change business models, and let resources really re-create Configuration, producing chemical reactions and even nuclear reaction effects.

The micro-face product of Dongguan Qianbalang combines the innovation of “+Internet” and “Internet+” to make any friend’s circle articles become their own articles, and can also bring their own advertisements. Is a new way to promote WeChat. As long as you share the article, you can get the exposure of the advertisement. As long as the article is forwarded, the advertisement will be forwarded together, which is a big innovation change.

The reason why the network is a cow is because it connects many things together. The value of a network is not proportional to the number of its nodes, but is exponentially changed – when the network has only one node, it has no value. But the 100 millionth node, the value it gains is not only its own, but also the value of the previous 100 million minus one node, which is the exponential change in value.

Whether it is the Internet or the future IOT (Internet of Things), the core essence is the connection-connection. You have to think about how your product can be added to the connected network, how your product can really connect many things together. This thing can be a person, can be a business, can be everything, only understand the connection, will understand why many industries will be subverted.