Irina Khromacheva hit by Number Two Number Dalila in final

Mumbai: Irina Khromacheva from Russia was surprised to win the second run of Dalila Jakupovic in Slovenia 6-4, 7-5.

Irina must meet fifth-placed Thai playmaker Luksika Kumkhum in the final 6-2, 6-4 win 1 hour and 10 minutes higher than any other Russian player, who competes with Margarita Gasparyan, the semi-finals second.

Irina crossed the line to 0-3 in the second leg of the game, but came up with a number of key players to beat Dalila, 73th and first place at Arena Sabalenka in Belarus last year to win the 125,000 WTA , to get out of mumps.
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Irina, 165 teams who won the Cricket Club competition in India, reduced their rivals to a continuous run to lose their record of the competition in the competition and won the game for just an hour and 30 minutes club Cricket Clubs in India
The 23-year-old, who was born in Moscow in Irina, led the club to two-and-a-half seasons, winning the 16th round of the Hungarian league, last year and then struggling with a stronger Monterrey, Mexico in the first round of the competition. .

Irina used to use the long ball to say that it was the usual game, even her service was back in several ways to beat the 27-year-old Dalila. Russia opened the 39-minute game for a long time in five consecutive minutes after returning from the last five games after scoring four goals in the second half, scoring three goals In all competitions, 3 performed its service using two-point advantages & quot; 5-3.

Dalila has done her job, but some Irina service has helped her to use it for drug use to take 6 to 4 months. The second Slovenian side led the league to 4-1
Two points scored two points from a 5-1 home win when Irina were again fought for 4-2.

Russia ranks seventh in the table and breaks the second place in the World Cup last week with a 4-3 draw, but breaks down from Dalila in the 5-3. The storm has been reused again and again, Irina made the 5th and then broke into Dalila again to lead 6-5.

Dalila called on his coaches to negotiate when they met with the destruction, but did not produce a wrench as Irina was up to 40-0 and then arrested him at the end of Sunday with a referee.

| Edited by: Madhav Agarwal