ISL: Share puzzles with Pune, Record Fourth Picture

Pune: Kerala Blasters have been given the same four-match World Cup qualifiers (ISL) after they lost to Pune City 1-1 at the Shiv Chhatrapati Shivaji Stadium.

Marko Stankovic (Mark van Stankovic) netted in the 13th minute when Pune City got the nod, nicknamed Nikola Krcmarevic (62th) second-round Kerala Blasters.

The result leaves Pune City temporarily, with no success, whereas Kerala Blasters came in fifth with seven points from five games.
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They were the ones who started to start the CK Vineeth activity and test the Pune Guard's Kamaljit Singh in the third minute. Kerala Blasters continued the scoring of Kamaljit's equalizer, but the goalkeeper denied Vineeth and Slavisla Stojanovic in a few minutes.
Meanwhile, Pune City first came in the 13th minute thanks to Stankovic's winning goal.

The Austrian power got the midfield before they found the top corners of around 30 yards out of the left-hand side.

The goal was confident in Pune who gave the hosts Emiliano Alfaro a free kick against Stankovic.

However, the Pradyum Reddy team started to reopen, however, playing on the table. Alfaro and Marcelinho threatened their game, but Kerala was not the only chance they had missed.

Sahal Abdul Samad surrendered in midfield, while Nikola Krcmarevic was close to collapsing after he missed out.

Kerala continued to attack Pune City in the second half, but it was Pune City, which has been given many opportunities to lead the lead.

Krcmarevic was sentenced to Alfaro at the box, and the referee was awarded a penalty. However, the Uruguay international has sent his desire to recover from the ice, mostly in Kerala. Midfielder Alfaro missed a penalty against FC Goa.

Six minutes later, Pune was set to pay this money when Krcmarevic found a loose ball from the bottom left corner of the box.

Pune has proposed some immediate application in order to get the winner, while Kerala also tried to find one. But not necessarily as the two groups share the events.