It was considered a safe night (and long) in the city

Besides cool or unique clothing lewk, I always make sure to get my night out as close as possible to the club. Who knows where the night can go, so it is best to have small needs in any situation, an unplugged phone, or an unknown location.

As the New Year approaches, and many of us are preparing for it end-of-ten years parties (omg), tech club chairs, or big city celebrations with fireworks and who knows what else, I thought I would share more of my nightlife activities.

I have always loved dance and nightclubs; I remember my freshman year of college (when Boston unfortunately still had 18 + nights), and I dragged all my friends to the club. And I have since lived in Brooklyn while the night is king, my nights out are more.

Even more since we split & # 39; its. (Did you mention how often breastfeeding in NYC?)

At night time can go in any direction from wild to wild, so it's common sense to prepare as much as possible, but it's also important to be confident. Personally, I don't like to carry a handbag or heavy wallet when I'm leaving; it is better to bring small items and store them for your shake.

Yes, you have to find a way out of town overnight. Make sure you bring your ID card and home keys, of course, but don't forget these essentials for a long night – to be safe and have fun without having to fill your wallet.

For a night drive to the city

1. Concealer

For a man or woman, the concealer is definitely worth bringing on a great night. You never know how long the night will last, and the arch can help cover any damage – especially if you sweat a lot on the dance floor.

Usually I buy xafidadeyda Sephora – or when qanjaruuro – only a few stores in various shops found CVS, Duane Reade, or Walgreens.

2. sunglasses

Well, this can be a bit tricky for a party, but if you are looking for a date or key, or are now ready to go for a great night out in the city, sunglasses are essential. What if you finally go home with someone?

There is still nothing worse than walking the shame-ridden drive home with bloody, light-eyed eyes, dropping mascara, and a party outing. Glass sunglasses

My favorite pair of sunglasses is going on Genusee eyewearsustainable eyewear made in Flint, Michigan. The sunglasses are durable enough to be safe in my coat pocket. Overall, I have a small cloth bag to protect eyeglasses looga not scratched my pocket is.

3. Credit Card & Debit Card

Having money and joining a club is obviously important. Right now I'm in a spending mode (maybe not healthy, but hey – it's the end of the year / decade so let it live a bit, ok?). Generally speaking, living in a New York lifestyle, almost everything is done with a credit card.

To help you limit my expenses, and try to stay within the budget as much as possible, I only have one credit when I go to the club, but I also have a credit card. You never know if somewhere might not accept credit cards. Cash is important, but I prefer not to take it and pick it up at the ATM when I need it.

And for those after-hours parties staged in Brooklyn’s hidden galleries, most venues tend to accept cash because it’s not always a solid legal spot. Get a credit card when you go out for the night to make sure you're ready for any night of the trip!

4. Minutes, Altoids, and / or Gums

A habit I have had for a long time; I always like to chew gum or onions. First of all, as someone who does not smoke, it is a great way to start a conversation with an unknown person. Instead of smoking cigarettes or beat Juulkooda, and they offer some of the mint, Altoids, or gum is a good way to make new friends.

Plus – it's good to have a good breath. Because you never know to kiss someone else – especially if it's a New Year's Eve kiss!

5. Pasta

Speaking of kisses, in the winter, I always make sure to take a sacstick or some kind of lip balm. As a rule, I only have so many variants, so I can keep it in a small pocket for every jacket and jacket I own, so that I can always have one.

6. Portable portable unit

Here's my trick to go out at night, though. I always carry a portable cargo and an iPhone charger. There is nothing worse than a dead phone when you leave. It's important if you fall into an unexpected place, such as your new friend's house.

In case of an emergency, you should have a full phone (you should call Uber). It is difficult to rely on other vendors or suppliers to share their wires. Better to bring your own electric eye. Especially when the power outages get smaller and smaller – so they are easily fitted in a handbag or pocket jacket.

Bring some electricity when you leave; you can charge it while you are ready for the night of your departure!

Before menstruation

Every night and go outside – no matter how long or short – it requires some preparation. It's important to have a good team, a new face, and all the essentials of anything that may come.

Traditionally with me, I generally take a new shower, wear any makeup that makes sense for the party I'm going to, and choose a team. Making sure you are well moisturized with the key; because you never know how long you can be away!

I also always make sure to have a snack to eat (maybe a banana or something thin but filling, after dinner), and I always make sure I take my PREP Truvada. The 30 minutes or hour it takes to get ready to leave the city is really exciting. For a small checklist of things to do while listening to music, you might already be drinking with a friend.

Enjoying the night life at home or while traveling is a great thing to do. It’s a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and even get lucky with a date or the beginning of a relationship. I love the joyous excitement of going to a club, dancing to my favorite band, and releasing unlucky concerts.

I managed to collect some wonderful stories for my night — whether it was crazy naked while traveling or just on a weekend trip to Brooklyn. But I was always as comfortable as possible when I went to the party; I feel as much as possible when I prepare for the best I can.