It's not a turn & # 39; Adventure, & # 39; like a Child's Book Attended to Tell Girls

One of the most difficult parts of parenting is the same thing that I did during the war and I am now in my child's eyes. We served as a Rifleman company in Alpha, First Battalion, Sixth Marine Subjection. During my time he has taken me to a special place in Afghanistan and has left me mentally and mentally. When I arrived home, my wife said I did not drink again. When my daughters, Alyssa and Audrey, asked what I did when I was gone, I said, "The father helped with bad guys who did not sleep."

The first time I was sending it was two days after Alyssa was born. Do not return for seven months. Audrey was born in the second stage. I did not meet until they came home. The only thing that they present at this time is the photos from a desert land that decorates the windows of our home, and people whom they call "my neighbors" to visit. Some of these men are covered with tattoos. Others have physical organs.

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At the moment I got myself thinking of what I knew about the war and my daughters, 10 and 8, to find out how we would like it: using the book "Afghanistan War: Modern History of Modern", from the local library. The history of this book, printed in 2014, my own self. The first time I was sending was Garmsir in Helmand province in early 2008, and the second time I was a group leader, he was 2010 in the town of Marjah, where I was part of the Mosque operation, the Army Afghanistan. Our mission was to capture a plot of land in both Taliban and the production of the aforementioned and commercial network, and then referring to the forces of Afghanistan and the government they thought would come in. the way. But it has always changed for many of us.

The book is a part of You Select the printed version of Capstone Press, a popular type of small-scale petitioner to go through the whole story by directing different paths. "The War in Afghanistan", for children between the ages of 8 and 11, is part of the book of Marjah in 2010, which is a group leader of the First Lady, Sixth Marine Regiment – this is my first chapter , I was one of the attackers I was fighting. Girls' studies have begun a helicopter helicopter ahead of the sun ahead of the sun: "You and three teams make up the squad, along with the Afghan soldiers, climb the CH-53 helicopters on Super Stallion, their burning flame all the other sounds. You are on flight and speeding at night. "The following pages are a reader who travels to a map of war, with a goose crossing and a crossing between the two eyes and threats. As we went to the page, the first Alyssa water began with me: "Dad, Captain Sparks orders you not to put the fire on you until it's removed, but what if the men are foolish?"

There is no parent book that describes how to identify your daughter through the normal operating system for firefighting. Does he wait to see what the men do to turn it on page 86, or cover them by turning on page 92? Spoiler alert: If you go to Page 92, you end up killing two unarmed people, a war crime. The book says your job is over, and you will probably be penalized when you return to the station. Alice did not take this road. "I have no gun, father, so I do not want to shoot, because they do not seem so bad," she said. Watching my daughter has been going on for a lot of strength and the rules of participation have hurt me. When it is seen that the war is declining, the complexity of the multiplicative multiplication problem is beyond the fact that the war has gone out of my mind.

Our problem came to a close, Audrey asked me for the personal meaning: "Did you do that?" My response was a lot of effort to change the subject without answering. "No," I said. "Let's see this other book about Afghanistan." We have reached another book about the culture of Afghanistan. We could read it. We were disappointed in our minute minutes in the first half. The election system has felt volatile and volatile, with no bloody competition between the Taliban and the Marines inadequate. I know what the book does not say. My friends and I killed in Marjah, Marines of my company has lost sores and lives. No elaborate exercise exercise will eliminate the fact that our two and our northern oils have killed many civilians in the opening day of the Mosque operation, when large bombs hit the United States in Afghanistan. Then, at the end, the US plans in the area failed. Today marjah again in the judgment of the Taliban and warlords.

Maybe not at this moment the comfort of my home. My daughters were natural, trying to produce a piece of their life that everyone seemed to know more about what they did. Finally I will honestly talk to my time in Marjah. I will tell them about the time of their cousin and I ordered the National Army of Afghanistan to enjoy it. I will tell the dead ships, and how often do I miss every day. Finally, I will tell my family and follow the grave. Their children are dead because they are afraid of the Taliban, they can not find a hospital. We will tell the white blanket on their babies closely linked to father's father as we embark upon foundation of funeral.

I will tell them I have fought for myself, because they deserve to hear. We will tell the truth. I pray that so true truth will not come to their mind about the person we are in the Sea of ​​Marriage. So far, I will not participate in the war in Afghanistan, some of us who have ever come to home. Those who can not return to the page 103 and see the end or see page 11 and start a new round. There is no war.