Jang Hyun-soo was ousted by the South Korea over the Fake Records

South Korea defender Jang Hyun-soo has been given a one-year ban for playing the national team and fined 30 million pounds ($ 26,448) after he was found to have registered a military service record.

All South Korean crew members must complete two years of military service as part of the effort to protect North Korea, but the players can benefit from winning the Olympic Games or gold. Asian

As part of the exemptions, athletes must take four weeks of basic military training and carry over 500 hours of community service for three years.
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Jang, 58, who won the 2012 Asian Indoor Games in Incheon, admits he has misrepresented details about how many hours he has spent on the social services.
The Korean football federation met Thursday to decide how to punish the 27-year-old, who played in all three World Cup matches in Russia.

"Jang is constantly criticized for playing for the national team, fined £ 30m," KFA spokesman told Television.

In addition to the KFA ban, the Ministry of Sports has given Jang five more days.

Suh Chang-hee, chairman of the KFA Disciplinary Committee, said in a statement posted on their official website that it was not appropriate for Jang to continue in this country.

"The £ 30million fine is a go-ahead for Jang who hurt the national team," Suh ​​said, adding that there is no barrier to the player to ban them.

KFA has adopted measures to "serious discipline looga prevent such cases in the future", he added.

Exemption from Microscope

Jang, who has been ruled out of the Asian Cup in January, apologized on Thursday for failing to fulfill his basic obligations even after being granted a waiver.

"I sincerely accept the KFA's punishment and general criticism that it will not survive the public's hope and the major mistakes I made," he said in a statement issued by the KFA website.

The issue of military surveillance has entered a microscope over the past few months.

The stimulus was developed in the 1970s, as part of Seoul's becoming a world-class sportswear promoter, but was introduced to criticism over the past few years as the country is backing its priority.

Some call for the exemption process to be eliminated in general, in its unfair sense, when the South Korean people are convinced that they have to stop the privilege and benefits of all aspects of life.

Tottenham's Hotspur Son Heung-min was the best player to win the award following South Korea's gold medal in Jakarta in September.

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