Japan resumes trade surplus But is there any sweet food?

Masians say Japan is still eating meat for meat. The use of about 3,000 tonnes a year, including 1,000 tonnes imported from Iceland and Norway – called the removal of the storage room. The difference between cold storage, with an estimated 3,500 tons recorded since April, according to government data.

Although its support for the industry, the government has moved to reduce the burden. On Monday, it announced that the wells would be able to fly 227 animals from July to December. Compared to all, 2018, she has allowed 630 species of two species.

Japan, who faces shortage of workers because of the age & gender of birth and the decline in births, has already faced problems faced by enough staff to fill the fishing boats. Even though the formal shut-down businesses directly work for over 300 people, the joblessness means that traders are competing with a wide range of advantages and benefits including marine industry, such as fisheries and muggings.

Fans of the boat owners think they have the opportunity. Last week, the Japanese president of the small confectionery brand, Yoshifumi Kai, said the factory will improve.

"We did not do anything wrong, and we have no plans to stop," he said. "We continue the commitment of the human traffickers who have started over 400 years ago." If this generation finishes, we will live forever. "

Active long-range movement groups are thinking that the efforts of this business will fail, and they see that they are opposing the Japanese conflicts more or more. Shepherd Sea, the Japanese team for the Japanese container containers, looked at Iceland.

The ongoing operations in Japan are set to happen to the public's unprotected animals, according to Junko Sakuma, a specialist at Rikkyo University.