Jim Walmsley breaks 50-Mile Record

Destruction of the Marathon Marathon (and their birth boots) has taken a few moments, but that is far from the only recordings of the recordings they have been successful. In the past week, a group of American and Japanese teams have been trying to try other amazing advantages: 100K record of men and women (about 62 miles). Although they were unable to break the two recorders, one player, a US-based Jim Walmsley, won the match one by one. He created a 50-mile new record with a time of 4:50:08, breaking the first 43 minutes.

jim walmsley
Jim Walmsley submits to 50 million markers on Saturday. Image Detail

Walmsley's record was a Carbon X project, a 100K attempt and attempted to run a fleet company ONE ONE ONE. The event was organized to encourage new HOA Carbon X boots and all participating players were sticking to them. Walmsley, along with seven other supporters, foiled Folsom, California, until Saturday morning, flying to Sacramento to create a new record (men's men are 6:09:14, women are 6: 33: 11). Japan's Yamauchi goalkeeper won the competition on Saturday 6:19:54, and Walmsley finished the game at 6: 55: 24 but struck 50 miles across the competition, making a different record.

Walmartley already has a little FKT under the belt. In 2018, he enrolled in courses at Western State Run Run and Lake Sonoma 50 Mile. It is also called "Ultrarunner of the Year" Magazine Ultrarunning three years in a row. But Carbon X is different from its usual ethnicity, since it was completely down the road.

"My love and love runs the way to the streets; In any case, the ultrasound path has a charming history," Walmsley said in a statement.

One One Carbon X
One One Carbon X Image Detail

Like Carbon X captain, it is the YOUNA SHOULD PASSWORDS & # 39; Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro and Nike's ZoomX Vaporfly, the last Eliud Kipchoge posted in his record London Marathon Record in April. Although the brand is called a mild lightweight boot, Carbon X combines the correct company name & flashlight & # 39; (read: fast) for people running to set up PRS – the way.

The new players will sell May 15 at hooneone.com and choose the jerseys for June 1.