Jimmy Fallon Mocks Trump Focus on Soccer: & # 39; Play some new game! & # 39;

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The hosted club is counting from day to day and, usually, watching the Trump for every movement. Jimmy Fallon seemed to be tired of watching.

"I saw the last night Trump in Florida in which he attacked the immigrants, Democrats and the media, even the biggest fans of the people like, & # 39; Play new games & # 39; JIMMY FALLON

"Discover this: The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled that the prohibition of illegal illegitimacy is unconstitutional, who explains why it is the mainstay of the United States to travel to Mexico now." – JIMMY FALLON

"We have read that 'Toy Story may come back to the new brand called Toy Box & # 39; Geoffrey, I think the leaders What they are like, & # 39; how can we set ourselves to be like a club like men? & # 39; JIMMY FALLON

"Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart, the Napoleon and Pedro from 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite, were like & # 39; Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart; Dress up yaa? & # 39; And then older people like it, & # 39;Yaa slap like Napoleon? & # 39; "- JAMES CORDEN

Jimmy Kimmel has continued her movement, misunderstanding, asking parents to mistreat their children on the Day of Halloween.

In Carpool Karaoke, Barbra Streisand was in the driver's seat.