Julieta's house created a corner of the Steck Arquitetura to force indoor and outdoor spaces

In a beautiful green neighborhood in the city of Brazil, creative designers at Steck Arquitetura recently completed a wonderful, vibrant home that offers beautiful and comfortable interior spaces with an unobstructed, sunny terrace.

Perhaps the most obvious expression of a home is that it is completely an open mind in any of the four key points. This is made possible by the fact that it is built on a wide edge that leaves its view and position unobstructed by all sides. Home compounds greatly benefit from this fact & # 39; s lack of realism with no apparent boundaries and structure.

When it comes to the home cord, however, things are a bit overkill. Interior and proximity to the center of the structure is where the house connects, creating a sense of comfort that aligns with the stability of the home.

In total, the house has three floors. On the ground floor, visitors find the spaces where most of the social interactions occur. Upstairs there are convenient rooms, where each family member can enjoy private space. On the ground floor there is a small floor with a garage, a warehouse, and a space for yard maintenance.

On the social surface of the social floors, a long ceiling with a specially designed & # 39; an & # 39; s unique style creates a cozy and comfortable living space for all shared rooms. This is illustrated by the magnitude of the high-speed elevations of the main entrance to the main entrance and the hall, inviting and protecting visitors. The patterns here are especially striking when, on the outside, they are more than a natural product that complements the look of the home.

At the back of the house, the designers made sure the owners took full advantage of & # 39; s dedication to the wonderful local atmosphere by building a beautiful pool and surrounding area and yard. The pool itself is in a prime location with both sun and shade, allowing users to completely turn on or off the sunlight when they need it.

The outdoor area is also intentionally built with a view to the whole year. On each side, a beautiful pergola creates a calm and tranquil place around the pool but also extends over the cold water in the warmer months. Nearby, the winding staircases come from the passageways to the pool as part of the designers' goals to create a waterfall for all levels and areas of the home.

In fact, access to the pool is so it is good that the stairs actually go straight into the water. From here, the pool itself is organized into a series of luxurious, and pools with water at each entry point, all of which eventually lead to & # 39; & # 39; public swimming & # 39;. The feeling of walking is tangible.

It is clear from the moment one looks at the house that its shape is deliberate and natural, but that is not the green object of the building or the landscape designed to keep the house. The designers also aimed to make the building as sustainable as possible, installing solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic generators, and a water system that naturally irrigates surrounding gardens. beautiful swimming pool.

These dynamic systems do not end up with lasting symptoms. Large furnishings displayed throughout the home provide the same thermal insulation inside and outside the home and also provide a home in a beautiful backyard. In addition, the double-layer UV glass of the dough creates thermal discomfort, and importantly regulates the temperature in a low-impact manner.

Using wood throughout the home and outdoor objects is also important. Visually, the wood blends with the heavy body and the appearance of the top and combines the beauty of the home and its natural surroundings, especially with open edges. The combination of concrete, molten wood, and cracked metal installed in certain levels and shapes automatically regulates light and heat and even affects the view of the home, providing the illuminated glow of the moon at night.

Another beautiful theme that works throughout the home is the way that some of the interior components of the features, structure, and interest mentioned above are reachable and adaptable. Balconies, exterior surfaces, and areas with temporary spaces on the outside can be closed to remain private or completely open to unrestricted drawers by sliding doors, recessed curtains, and wooden curtains. The whole idea is to make the home feel more vibrant, breathtaking, a natural part of it rather than a room thrown into a non-natural environment. The whole idea was removed using a finesse sense.

The decorating process found inside the home is intentional but with a natural change. Instead of creating a completely different feel to the actual home design, the colors and textures of the furniture and furniture are deliberately preserved in the dynamic and harmonious elements of each room, creating a sense of beauty and comfortable living together.

Photos by Adriano Pacelli