Karachi Khachanov wins Novak Djokovic to win Paris Masters

Karen Khachanov made it one of the tennis years for Novak Djokovic's 7-5 6-4 final in Paris Masters to conclude the Serbian star on Sunday.

The 22-year-old Russian has been linked with a long-term role as one of the players in football, but some may think he has broken down the Serbian star, who has been in the squad for three years. months, winning 22 games.

Djokovic is expected to celebrate the return of the world number one on Monday, having the fifth in Paris, but has dropped from one hour to 37 minutes with a 31-match ban for the Muscovites.
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"To finish my season is a dream," Khachanov told the crowd at Bercy Arena, explaining how Djokovic was always encouraged by him.
He even took a leaf from the book of the celebration of the Serbian flag down to kiss the Central Court.

Khachanov, 6ft 6in advertisements presented at a court in the court, has benefited Djokovic a little less than the weather after weeks of struggling flu.

However, despite Serbia admitting that he did not feel the best after the three-time Roger Federer won the semi-final on Saturday, he was not satisfied with the quality of the Khachanov line of attack.

"All of Karen's feelings, he performed well today, is worth the reward," Djokovic told the public.

Khachanov, the former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder, has won the biggest prize for football.

It was the third of the year, all in the inner courtrooms, and Khachanov will be eliminating from the 18th to 11th of March on Monday.

Even some good sports always looks at the way young next to challenge the order issued by Djokovic, Federer and Rafael Nadal, Khachanov it looks to have the tools to present a real threat.

"I'm sure we will see more in the future," said Djokovic.

That seems to be sure. What was so remarkable about Khachanov's victory in Djokovic's way of dealing with a court with his deepest gratitude and gratitude for his contentment and his confidence in his website.

Djokovic broke the Russian record in Wimbledon, and he appeared to be similar to Khachanov's return to the match as he missed the 3-1 win.

Instead, he is opposed to a large group seeking a fourth consecutive victory, after the victory of Cincinatti Masters, the US Open and Masters Shanghai, came back immediately.

Khachanov reiterated his attack, although he did not sit in the second half of the game, using heavy duty.

Regularly protecting the protracted feet of the feet, replaced a 5-5 pound with a bold brush before 57 minutes.

After that, Djokovic's breathing very clearly, he won the penalty shoot-out 2-1 in the second half after Djokovic put penalties on the scoresheet.