Karen Khachanov destroyed Dominic Thiem to build Final Masters in Paris

Karen Khachanov has shown why he is one of the youngest players in the world at the time he won the Paris Masters final with a 6-4 win over Dominic Thiem on Saturday.

22-year-old, 6ft 6in Russian, a former owner of two league titles this year, took one step from his biggest career in Bercy's pitch, flew to Australia for 70 minutes on one side.

Khachanov will now play for his first Masters 1000 final in Sunday before winning the World Cup between Novak Djokovic, who will return to the World Cup, and Roger Federer, who are looking for their 100th title.
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"It was one of the best games, and I'm happy to have increased my level, indicating that I'll be a better player," Khachanov said.
The 18-year-old Muscovite defeated the top three in the top 10, with Alexander Zverev joining the club and negotiating with John Howner over the last 16.

Thiem, the 8th Friday of Friday, posted Friday at his ATP Finals position, seeming unbearable since the beginning of the long and the overwhelming power he has seen most of his partner.

It is a reminder, Austrian has seen his five-time Khachanov consecutive service at the very first and one-on-one side.

"Most are very strong, and the first two games 4-4, as they reached more pressure, I broke him and led," he said Khachanov.

Asked the great player he would meet in the final, he smiled and said: "I want to watch Federer-Djokovic, it's good for me."

It was a very disappointing 25-year-old Thiem, who arrived in Paris in Paris in June but is still seeking the first Master's "qualities".

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